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    I no longer have the "Plaza" map!

      I no longer have Plaza showing up in any game rotation. I have all the other maps but no PLAZA. The weird thing is that I have it in "Custom Game Setup". Anybody have any ideas?

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          I would say you still have it... matchmakeing is a b*** sometimes and wont use a certain map for a whole day from my expierence.. Its random maps, you still gotta, try again to0morrow. I played on plaza 10+ times today, while only once on Nuketown and twice on  studio. There are plenty of maps that are rarely used though. especially the apocalypse maps.

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            That's how it goes. Only 2 of my real life friends still play this game and both him and her say a lot of the time only 3 maps are used in the 3-4 hours she plays and he says the same. They do not even know each other. Has any seen the amount of CoD Ghosts games returned to the stores? thousands of them.