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    Take more damage relic?


      I've been using relics to level up faster with double xp and using the take more damage relic. In several lobbies people have asked me to take it off because it effects all the players not just me. Is that true? They base it on the relic description saying 'players (not player) take more damage' when you are at the relic selection screen. Can someone settle this as I don't want to be a problem for other players?

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          No. It only affects you. Just don't tell other people you have it on. Tell them you're running mortal and pistols only next time =)

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            the only reason people would say it affects them is if you are going down allot while using it. then in a sence it does effect them since one of them is always reviving you. but other than that it does not effect anyone but yourself.

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              With this last run for the new prestige ranks I played alot of POC with a min of 3 relics if not 4. I really hate using the money relic so its the last one to get turned on. I use the take more damage alot and to "offset" it I just run the medic class. I played around with the engineer and money relic and made it work as long as your not depended upon for alot of ammo or armour. If you guys plan right in your pre-run war chat and everyone is competent you all can run relics and not affect each others gameplay at all. Just know your own limits and your level of gameplay for sure!

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                I think it's a type of a placebo effect. Deny having the relic equipped.