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    Frustrating teammates

      What  are the things your teammates do that make you the most angry?


      I'll start:


      Yesterday I saw one of my teammates furiously emptying his entire AR ammo at my Battle Hind. We also had a Sat Com active mind you, so we could clearly see in the minimap that the helicopter was a friendly GREEN color. And yet he still somehow thought it was an enemy helicopter! *facepalm* I got in his way and jumped (to make him kill himself) TWICE lol. And he still didn't understand and kept firing at the helicopter.


      I was thinking to myself: There's no way someone can be that dumb. He's either purposely trying to help the other team (in which case he's a scumbag) or he really is the biggest noob I have ever seen.


      I only got 1 kill out of my Hind because of him and our team lost largely because of the same guy (he went like 4-18). I got so mad that I sent him hatemail lol. I never do this but this was one of those things that just really pissed me off. Why even try to play hardcore if you don't even understand the basics...

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          1. Re: Frustrating teammates

          Anyone? Don't tell me I'm the only one who gets pissed at some of my teammates. I don't believe it.


          Here's another one:


          We are losing by 2-3 kills. I am OBVIOUSLY trying to snipe some camper that's killing my whole team and this random dude thinks it's a good idea to run right in front of me when I'm about to shoot (he was trying to kill the sniper with his SMG..). Of course I die because of friendly fire and my teammates get sniped by the guy I was just about to take down.


          When this sort of thing happens I just quit the game lol. I just can't play well if my teammates are being stupid.


          Let the snipers in your team do their job and don't get in their way pls. Thank you.

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            2. Re: Frustrating teammates

            Yea I get people to stand next to me with an LMG and let rip... Well I have a sniper you can't see and silenced weapon.. so I just stand in front of him and let it kill him. Just cause I am playing smart and getting kills don't stand next to me and show them where I am. Find a spot to cover me, and at the same time I can cover you..

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              3. Re: Frustrating teammates

              Welcome to the world of COD were noobs won't play core to get better and team members will try and get you killed if they feel you are not contributing cuz you ether play a different style or now there are no direct in game statistic to show who is defending and they also will try and steal your spot if they see you are getting a high killstreak in it. COD is not a team game anymore to many parents buy there underage children this game and to many of them need to by like Jo blow YouTuber. It has gone from for the win to for the highest kill total or for the K.E.M feed

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                4. Re: Frustrating teammates

                What's worse is when the enemy Team camps hard and your Entire team keeps rushing the same place and getting killed by same campers...  you'd think after the 2nd time they'd change ways of going but no...   60% of the players i meet and have on my team are as dumb as Lemmings... follow the leader to death,  keep going the same path to death..

                  now i lone wolf sometimes and this happens alot more then you think...  now when i game with my crew, there are less team slots open for dumb Lemmings but they still manage to get in and we end up doing the work to carry the team,  while Lemming keeps running to their death... 

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                  5. Re: Frustrating teammates

                  When they go off on their own acting like a Lone wolf and not PTFO.

                  It is annoying especially on Search when you don't have enough people for a full team 1 or 2 randoms can destroy the fun for you by ******* around and not playing the OBJ.

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                    6. Re: Frustrating teammates

                    Be the teammate you want them to be. You can't control anything but that.


                    Otherwise, try to join a clan or group of friends as often as possible, takes away that unknown.

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                      7. Re: Frustrating teammates

                      They do that for teh ar empty a clip in to an enemy and not miss challenge. Easy to do at a friendly in hc since it wont attack back.

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                        8. Re: Frustrating teammates

                        There are times that I know I can be that annoying teammate.  I am a n00b, but I am trying to learn.  When things are said during the game to guide me, I can comply.  Often I just hear complaints, like when the guy with the bomb runs out front and most of the team goes somewhere else.  Would it not make sense for me to go on point?  If nothing else the enemy would kill me first and thus warn you of their presence.  Unless of course I am followed directly and we get double shotted.....but why not let the n00b take point and hang back a few, let them try to clear the way.


                        Today on Domination, a guy on the team kept calling for us to stay away from B flag on Strike zone.  We already controlled A and C.  I can only figure that guarding the other two flags allows the team to control the board and forces the opponent to venture out.  But what I don't know is where should I go?  No direction was given beyond yelling in his mike and calling us names. What he did complain about was getting killed from behind and now he wasn't going to get his K.E.M strike......and that is my fault, for trying (and succeeding once) to take B, not knowing any better.


                        Guidance on this?  Maybe a few more posts about basic team tactics so some of us n00bs who want to be useful can learn?


                        Sorry if my rookiness shows......

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                          9. Re: Frustrating teammates

                          Domination is best played when you control two flags. In that way, an experienced player would know where the enemies will be spawning. Triple capping the flags will cause the spawns to go random and that probably caused him to get killed since the enemies could be spawning behind him.

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