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        100. Re: Frustrating teammates

        Actually there are true meanings to the game types even if you don't believe so. Yes they are there to have fun and enjoy while you play but there is a meaning behind how they are meant to be played in general even if chose not to or disagree with it.

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          101. Re: Frustrating teammates

          DelverMagi wrote:


          There are times that I know I can be that annoying teammate.  I am a n00b, but I am trying to learn.  When things are said during the game to guide me, I can comply.  Often I just hear complaints, like when the guy with the bomb runs out front and most of the team goes somewhere else.  Would it not make sense for me to go on point?  If nothing else the enemy would kill me first and thus warn you of their presence.  Unless of course I am followed directly and we get double shotted.....but why not let the n00b take point and hang back a few, let them try to clear the way.


          Today on Domination, a guy on the team kept calling for us to stay away from B flag on Strike zone.  We already controlled A and C.  I can only figure that guarding the other two flags allows the team to control the board and forces the opponent to venture out.  But what I don't know is where should I go?  No direction was given beyond yelling in his mike and calling us names. What he did complain about was getting killed from behind and now he wasn't going to get his K.E.M strike......and that is my fault, for trying (and succeeding once) to take B, not knowing any better.


          Guidance on this?  Maybe a few more posts about basic team tactics so some of us n00bs who want to be useful can learn?


          Sorry if my rookiness shows......

          Run and Gunner is correct, if you're a beginner and playing with randoms never cap all three flags, it's almost a guaranteed loss. As soon as you capture the third flag the other team will spawn at your starting flag and capture that, then your team will all run to the starting flag and now you will loose B. Within a minute you'll go from all three flags captured to one flag captured and proceed to getting owned.


          I applaud the fact that your asking questions and asking for help, most players don't, they just think their the best thing since sliced bread.

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            102. Re: Frustrating teammates

            Depends on the spot, believe you me.

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              103. Re: Frustrating teammates

              Yeah I doubt that. Have you seen any design docs that say, "The true meaning of this game type is to..."? No? That`s what I thought.


              I have been a professional software developer for 6 yrs now and have worked in video games (casino) and now web and mobile development. I have NEVER seen any design doc attach subjective terms like "meaning" to game design. Why? Because it`s different for every player.


              I think we can both agree the "point" of any game type (AFTER having fun) is to win, right? And we can both agree that there are many strategies to win, right? So why on earth would you think a game designer would say one strategy is the "true meaning" of the game over any others? Lol. You don`t need to be a software dev. to see that, you just need common sense.

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                104. Re: Frustrating teammates

                Yes, they don't attach an actual doc stating the rules, for those are implied within the description of the game mode itself. KC.. get tags to win both confirms and denies not always just confirms, blitz, invade the enemy zone to win. they don't need to layout ever the exact rules of how the game mode is meant to be played.


                They don't do it so others cant call those who don't play that exact way as cheater or not playing the obj. If they laid out exact rules. then even more people would complain about those not playing the obj than already does.


                yes, you can dominate by a double cap for the easy win, but a true domination is by triple cap, which is why there is a challenge to do so. just as in blitz the true meaning is not to let the other team score at all, there is even a challenge for that.


                In the end it is a video game meant for fun. But fun is subjective. Some like to take it serious and play hard for their fun, Others do not and don't care if they win/lose, live or die. they are just in the game to play and have what ever fun they can. If it had exact rules for each game mode. Those casual players would feel left out and thus less likely to buy the game and play it. Meaning lower sales, so its a given that no express rules have ever been written down other than implied idea's of how to play within the descriptions.

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                  105. Re: Frustrating teammates

                  "You are being dominated."


                  Uuuggghhhh. That's as bad as ...


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                    106. Re: Frustrating teammates

                    When a teammate casually walks very slowly for a long time looking straight forward when he should be running and looking around him.. There are gunshots and IEDs blowing up around him but he keeps walking in straight lines, completely ignoring what's going on.


                    I get pissed when I see that lol. Especially if they get killed and especially if I got killed right next to them and it's OBVIOUS the guy who killed me is RIGHT THERE. But they're so focused on walking in a straight line that they don't notice the enemy right next to them.

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                      107. Re: Frustrating teammates

                      When an american ex-soldier who went to Afghanistan or Irak tries to convince you they know how to play COD better than you just because they experienced the real war.


                      Him: "You guys are idiots stop running into them, let them come to us! THANK GOD I didn't have you guys with me when I was in the middle of war in Afghanistan."


                      Me: "Dude, we're losing. You camp when you have the lead not when you're 20 kills behind and the other team is defending their lead. You're not helping us, you're helping the other team by forcing our team to respawn at the exact same place all the time. You're only facilitating their ability to spawn camp us."




                      Me: "Ok thanks for your services and all, but this is a game you clueless ignorant nincompoop. You obviously can't respawn in real life but you can in COD. And camping when we're losing and the other team is camping is only making us lose. You're a sniper, your role in this situation should be to try and take out the other team's campers to prevent them from killing the runners that are trying to make their way there. Not sitting on your fat scared lazy ass and waiting for people to come to you. Obviously they are not coming your way any time soon unless we have a lead."


                      Him: *Starts crying* "Ok I admit it I'm a bad soldier. Forgive me colonel it won't happen again. Oh lord Jesus Christ please forgive me for being so bad at COD."


                      Me: ...

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                        108. Re: Frustrating teammates

                        This happened seriously?

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                          109. Re: Frustrating teammates

                          Of course not. I don't use a mic for one and I'm not the kind of person that would even bother responding to that kind of guy.


                          But nonetheless that kind of argument happens quite a lot. I often hear ex-US soldiers scream and complain about the other players when they're the ones who don't really know how to play COD.


                          They always sound like rednecks and they're always from Texas. Or maybe it's always the same guy I don't know lol..

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