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        20. Re: Frustrating teammates

        Good stuff.


        I do my best in game to call things out, even if I am talking to myself. It can be frustrating when folks don't listen. "Hey, Hey PlayerX, watch out, there is an IED in that room"...PlayerX continues to run into said room and BOOM... dies.


        "Hey, PlayerB... Don't go in there I just threw a grenade..." PlayerB continues to run in and BAM! Ricochet death for me.




        But I believe in practicing what I preach and do my best to call out. Sometimes I get frustrated and have to shut off my mic for a bit, however

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          21. Re: Frustrating teammates

          Oh, I went ape-doodoo the other night. LOL (but only in hindsight). I had four guys on my team that, I swear to God they were sniffing my farts or something. Every time I engaged someone and it was time to duck for cover, I back up or turn around and there's these four idiots. It did not matter what I did, there they were. The said part is they were NOT trolling. I wish I could say they were, but they weren't! They simply kept going wherever I went.


          I started out 1 and 9 because of this ... but ended up on a 14 kill tear. How? I finally said, eff it, and went and camped in the farthest back corner on Freight I could find. It was lame. It was boring. Did you know that no one goes to the back of the maps? Well, trust me. No one does. NO ONE.


          But it broke the habit of the tweedle-dee, tweedle-dumb, dumb, and dumber. I went two minutes or so without seeing so much as a frog and decided to make another run at it. It worked and, like I said, I went on a 14 kill tear.

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            22. Re: Frustrating teammates

            I'll tell you what he was doing: Completing a challenge. Friendly streaks in HC count as enemy ones for the purposes of challenges. Want that facemask for killing dogs? Feel free to shoot any that your teammates earned. God forbid that the ricochet rules should extend to THOSE, whilst giving the streak destroyer almost total impunity to do what they want.

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              23. Re: Frustrating teammates

              One of the issues with Challenges.


              They impact the team.


              Nothing like watching some poor sap trying to complete lean challenges while the rest of the team is battling for the lead.

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                24. Re: Frustrating teammates

                I dont have a single gold gun. The nearest is the Fad, which has 27 lean kills, which have been earned either by accident (yes this can happen LMAO) or by a sneaky match-starting position.


                To be honest, I'm not fussed about getting gold, though once I'm left with just the no attachments challenge I guess I'll make an exception and actually try. Happy with my Bodycount stuff

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                  25. Re: Frustrating teammates

                  Just haven't played enough this time around to really pay the challenges any mind.


                  I did the grind in BO2, but when I get to play this time around.. I just want to play.

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                    26. Re: Frustrating teammates

                    Aye, thankfully Clan Wars is based simply around PLAYING, not leaning around a box waiting for some poor sap to blunder into view.

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                      27. Re: Frustrating teammates

                      I don't know that it's a good idea to bother with the challenges. The more time I put into working them, the more pissed off I get. And yes, I said pissed off so go ahead and **** that out too.

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                        28. Re: Frustrating teammates

                        1. Lost a TDM game going 37-3

                        2. Many times I get helo and zero kills because the other team is hiding in a building and my teammates are also hiding. You would think that the helo would provide a distraction, but it seems that me calling that in just makes everyone freeze their play. I sometimes almost wonder if host is migrating or is I am lagging. That's how unnatural the camping can be when I use my helo. I also many times die while in the helo making things very frustrating.

                        3. In general, many times I lose high killstreaks due to teammates that block doors or pathways, give away my position with unnecessary panic fire, or when I have middle map control and my entire team refuses to push up resulting in me being swarmed.


                        Today, I had a game on Prison Break where I had a 10 point lead (like 55-45) and 2 teammates quit. It didn't put any teammates in, and my teammates spawned in the back starting spawn down by the river and they did not move up at all. I resulted in me getting swarmed (I was at the open hill that faces the tower) and I kept spawning at the bottom of the river in the back by the logs. My teammates couldn't get a kill for crap and the other team ended up getting a battle hind. I kept getting put into spawns below the enemy and because we were outnumbered I had no chance to move. It was me and two players. I ended up going like 26-7 and lost the game. It was a great start that ended horribly. Those types of things piss me off.


                        All these things have made otherwise enjoyable moments horrible.


                        My best experience besides straight KEMs was when I was in a literal 1vs6 on flooded because I had a clan on my team that all left in a host migration. I just pushed to the right off spawn and the back open corner I kept patrolling the whole area going up and down the stairs and in all the different hallways. That should have been a really bad game for me, but I started the game 12-0 before teammates finally came in and went on a 17 gunstreak before I died. I was running support for no particular reason and it probably cost me because I died to an explosive (specialist would have helped). I finished the game like 30-2

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                          29. Re: Frustrating teammates

                          Posts like this make me laugh, teams that cap two flags and control the spawns successfully are not campers. They are effective teams playing to win, if they are stopping players capping another flag then they are defending not camping.


                          Camping is sitting in a random corner for an extended period of time no where near an objective trying to get a positive kd. If a player is watching a high traffic route for an extended period of time stopping flanking players then in my opinion they are an asset. If they jump on flags as well then they are an all round decent team player.

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