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        90. Re: Frustrating teammates

        If you don't run incog then you glow thorough the smoke but other wise it's like a wall and you cant see anything

        Last Edited: Feb 7, 2014 8:42 AM
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          91. Re: Frustrating teammates

          Ah that's a shame.  Was hoping to get my 'Predator' on lol

          Last Edited: Feb 7, 2014 8:45 AM
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            92. Re: Frustrating teammates

            Hmm.. thought it did; maybe some still think it does. either way...still a reason why some may do it.

            Last Edited: Feb 7, 2014 10:02 AM
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              93. Re: Frustrating teammates

              Thats why I have my thermal, or my Maverick. Not hard to see them and snipe them out. Or just toss smoke and run for it and slide. Have had several try and do that. But the thing is there is 4, so only 2 on three and 1 on the fourth. get that 1 and easy out at that point. Any trap can be broken with the right methodology, no matter the map and how the enemy team tries to set up.

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                94. Re: Frustrating teammates

                And the reason I said Incog is because thats what counters Thermal Scopes, not Blindeye

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                  95. Re: Frustrating teammates

                  Ah no, thats all wrong. 1 on each and a runner going between two on either side to mop up any potential breakouts. And if they also are running Incog? Not saying its impossible to break, but against a good team it'd be hard. And they'd likely get you back in there without too much trouble too.

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                    96. Re: Frustrating teammates

                    With the mav, incog means nothing with the default scope. it is so clear you can see people across the map with it easily even on stonehaven even if they are a bushwookie laying prone. I love when people think incog protects them from being seen or makes is harder when on many of the maps it even makes it easier to see them, since it makes them darker than the surrounding area's. bushwookie laying prone in grass with incog, dark spot in grass.. easy to see. Non bushwookie laying prone or hiding along wall with incog... darker than wall and thus easy to see.


                    Not nearly as easy to get back in, for once one person gets out and the others follow the trap breaks apart if they all go different routes. Randoms are not as dumb as most people think when it comes to playing against a clan or group. If even one or two of them communicate even if the others do not.. that team of randoms becomes just as effective as the full team communicating at times.


                    I have broken that trap many times and had the other team become frantic enough about it that they and their attempts to catch me and kill me let others out thus ending the trap altogether. You only need one to escape to put the trap in serious jeopardy of failing if that one plays smart.

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                      97. Re: Frustrating teammates

                      Well, I have yet to see the trap broken as a result of anything other than some dumb random running into the castle. What you say about Incog applies to you too remember.

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                        98. Re: Frustrating teammates

                        Yes, and that is sometimes a good thing, for the person that kills me often gives away their location if especially a sniper camping prone making it easier to kill them the next spawn. the only minor trouble is the runners, but if you get even one of them and then the guard the trap falls apart. All it takes is one getting out for the trap to fall.

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                          99. Re: Frustrating teammates

                          Lol. I think it`s funny how people say, "the TRUE meaning of this game type is to..(insert your own objectives here)" Well, guess what the true meaning of any game type is to have fun first and foremost. Wins and losses, k/d, and style points are all secondary to that.


                          For me, having fun means getting lots of kills. And chances are if we have two flags capped and are spawn trapping the third I am getting lots of kills.My pet peeve is when my team is winning a game of domination handily (lets say 170-100) and we have all three flags capped yet there are teammates who INSIST on continuing to vigorously defend each flag as if it they were at Iwo Jima. Then I end the match on a 17 gunstreak that could have been higher but NO these meth addicts cannot patrol one single area for more than 0.5 seconds without having to run to the nearest flag to see if it is ok.


                          Is it really THAT much more fun to win 200-100 than 200-150 or 160? The most epic games are the closest so I will never understand the crackheads who play domination and cannot stay away from the third flag when you already have 2 capped.

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