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    God just answer me why?


      the care of my son was banned a while ago for no reason , quiet ... I missed two friends had also account banned junto.tranquilo.criei a profile went live on live paid myself in a marathon with that friend so that playing in a group with me . they do not come to slapstick with offensive language , my clan tag is the flag of my team and the flag of the team my son's killing me like crazy morning off to get to the last prestige , having to go out all the time of matches because hackers had got into the room and using deadly gas nights and night without sleep to wake up the next day and realize that banned my account without notice without notice , without cause , ja arrives not support the answer you moderators unresponsive filled rooms prestigious master apparently buggy servers without gm . why? is it because I am Brazilian , pq vc enter into American living rooms and what you see is more players Bugando mortal ( gamermoderador ) and gas , nobody wants to ban use will be what I'm noticing a certain bias , will be having a live pay original console games have original is just have to be as shifty million that unlock their consoles pirating call of duty black ops cheat making and using hackers , which will be up when the honest paid the price of rogue in black ops.mais already notice may not appear more in Brazil there are lawyers and Procon , to serving departures recorded during the game if you go out banning players for no reason and I say no ? do not expect to change anything here more I blurted , it ha yes I blurted # partiueagames God only answer me why?

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          I'll be back here in the post to thank for my account to be restored, and say that it is for the good of the game that I'm glad not to have played on the date of hj, and tell the other fellow cal of duty black ops it's worth play and play fair

          ja ass since my sincere thanks: niltoninja

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            We understand your concern regarding your account; however, we do not have the details of your ban. Please take a moment to review the Security & Enforcement Policy which outlines reasons an account can get banned Activision Support .


            Additionally, bans are not subject for further discussion or appeal.  Before any action is taken, the account is carefully reviewed to prevent a false positive.


            In accordance to the Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette  this discussion will be locked.


            Please do not create another discussion regarding this matter.


            Regards ^AH