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    Ghosts Forum Updates

      Hello all! Below is a list of some recent forum updates based on feedback you all provided. Please continue sending in your feedback!



      New Features

      • Enabled Polls
      • Enabled Ideas

      General Theme Improvements

      • More Content button added to recent content - This is a workaround for a bug in our forum platform.  Please note that the More Content link will only display content in that space and not any children spaces.
      • Changed status icons for Moderators and Support teams (using MOD and CS instead of non-descriptive icons).
      • Left Hand Navigation - Updated to match the main Ghosts site. (implemented last week)
      • Improved readability - Updated font color to black for main content, darkened the blue when on white background. (implemented last week)
      • Background – Removed image. (implemented last week)

      Mobile Improvements

      • Improved responsiveness of:
        • Reply form
        • Share button
        • More Detail layout
        • Advanced Search
      • Reduced size of sub forum icons (at least two per row).
      • Navigation scrolls with the page (instead of always being present).