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        20. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

        Reading all the posts before mine, I realized that the OP may be on to something. There is a lot of people who may be using incorrect ways of checking for these individuals.


        Allow me to elaborate. I've been playing COD since MW2. Over this period of time, I've clocked about 90 days total across the 5 games combined together (20 per game, 10 so far in ghosts). This amount of time logged has allowed me to get quite good at the game. If I see you running in a building with windows and am on level ground, I can (semi)effectively track your movement through the thin wall. I do occasionally have a game that makes me appear to be an MLG pro (not all the time though). Also, KD ratio can be easily bumped in this game through playing games such as infected (common to finish 5-1).


        Now don't get me wrong, I'm not in your lobby, and I don't know the exact situation. I'm also not saying that the guy wallbanging you from a half map away isn't cheating. I just want to make sure that people aren't dropping the "cheater/modded/hacker" callouts based solely on an experienced player doing their thing.


        The tl;dr version of this...

        Yes, it is hard to tell who is cheating. I feel though that we should not jump to conclusions that someone who may be having a great game is in fact cheating.


        Much respect to the posters before me.

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          21. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

          well that was a mistake on my part. thinking i could have the best of both worlds.


          better graphics and load times,


          then realized theirs no achievement xp. making them pointless.

          and most pc games don't have controller support

          the steam list is mostly indie games.


          pc gamers are more arrogant that the xbox kids.

          apparently k/m is superior to controllers.

          so im a noob and should go back to console lol


          and soon as i get my new psu. i will be selling it and doing exactly that.


          then its options.

          im not keen on ps controllers.

          and xbox one is more of a cable box with spyware, than a games console,



          not to forget pc no one using mic's.

          typing mid game seems abit backwards to me. bit like steams interface

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            22. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

            This article I came across today explains a lot of what I've been posting especially when it come to frame rate and input lag (see page 3) - Debunking the Myths of Graphics Card Performance - Tom’s Hardware Until patch #3 where SLI Strobing and ADS Stuttering (lag) was corrected by also using my graphical settings which btw disable all AA, before that time to me the game was unplayable and aggravating to say the least.


            Hardware and connectivity all count in addition to map, spawn, team, etc knowledge and skill levels.


            People should test their reaction times:

            Visual - Human Benchmark - Reaction Time Test ; mine were in the high 180's ms

            Auditory - Cognitive tests: Auditory Reaction Time ; close to the same

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              23. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

              It's not that hard to determine the cheaters, They never change direction and find an enemy at the outer edge of their screen. Anytime an enemy is spotted from a change of direction they are always spotted almost dead center screen if not dead center.

              After awhile it becomes very obvious of the missing (finding enemies at the outer edge of the screen directly after a direction change) it should happen as often as anything else in the game. But not for cheaters using targeting systems to find most of the enemies, "it rarely ever happens" (every enemy found after a direction change is CENTER SCREEN and never off to the edge of the screen) this is how you spot them.

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                24. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                its pretty obvious to spot someone using a wall hack and aim bot

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                  25. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                  No, not really. First I play mostly DOM and once you have two flags the enemy, unless someone (or multiple players) on your team is(are) 'pushing too far' into the enemies spawns i.e. flipping them, are very predictable i.e fixed. Further if a Flag is either changing color and/or the announcer is stating 'losing B' then obviously an enemy is on 'B' in that example; a smart player is going to pre-fire and/or wall bag if the enemy is behind cover; no hacks needed.


                  Perimeters vs Middle Map, in TDM a smart player generally runs the perimeter to reduce a 360-degree angle of defense/attack into a 180-degree angle of defense/attack.


                  I very rarely see a player with an Aim-Bot and the reason is clear those players are obvious and most a Wall isn't even need since they snap to your hit-boxes and they create an impenetrable wall of death. In either Core or for that matter Hardcore they're both rare and extremely easy to spot.


                  Kill then be Killed, if you kill an enemy then after a respawn the same player easily kills you even if you're 'hidden' there's nothing unusual about that at all; no cheat is necessary.


                  Clan/Team call outs, if you've ever played with a full team and/or clan it's typical that campers have a very short lifespan and the good clans/teams assign points to cover and if killed immediately call out your location for clean-up.

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                    26. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                    The thing is if some used wh and was very careful to ads on you when you were visible on their screen you could never tell that they were hacking yet they would be ready for you every time.

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                      27. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                      Possible but that's ass-u-me pie.


                      If I'm coming around a 'blind' corner then I'm always ADS'ing and ditto capping any flag.


                      /edit btw I'm not trying to argue with anyone and if anything my hope is good habits and detection will be learned from this thread./


                      Try playing against TheXDeity, he's a Pro Korean Gamer and in BO2 he had a 5 KDR (trust me when I say Treyarch checked him out and more than once; no ban) - Black Ops 2: Fast Paced Scorpion and MP7 50 Gunstreak Nuclear - YouTube

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                        28. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                        long time since i've been passing by but...I never good skip by a good hacking thread


                        My 2p fwiw, on Ghosts you never can be sure unless they're a really blatant idiot so, go with your instinct, report, then leave the server or carry on and ignore it.


                        Regards detecting or, my reasons for saying that....Probably about 10 years ago now, I spent a couple of years adminning on the uk Jolt servers, various competitions and savage leagues. When I first started doing it I was getting it wrong most of the time and becauuse I was lucky enough to be playing ET, found that out by virtue of punkbuster screenshots, admin rights, video playback recording, cvars, etc. So many times I would think someone was watching someone through a wall only to watch the playback and there wasn't even anyone where he was looking, or something like that.


                        Ghosts doesn't have those facilities, all you get is a quick killcam that can be screwed by the useless lag comp anyway, so you can't even really believe that. In the past i've always given people the benefit of the doubt and made excuses for them (unless they're really obvious). Once you run out of excuses (blind luck, maybe he heard them, maybe he saw that gun sticking  out, etc, etc) then it's time to get suspicious.


                        In terms of a closer look, if someone isn't being blessed by the lag Gods (easy to go 20-2 if lag is in your favour) then what tends to give them away for me is their skill level. If someone has great aim then they've got that over a period of time and experience. Time and experience give you more than just good aim, they change your playing style and if someone has great aim but plays like a noob, again I get suspicious.


                        I'm getting nostalgic for ET again as is my habit but i'll give you an example: In ET, capping the flag allows your team to respawn at that point. Watch the timing here sqzz flagcap on supply - YouTube - that takes skill. Watch the strafe jump up the stairs that at times means he's running backwards but still knows exactly where he is. When you're good, you move well, you think well, it's not just your aim that gets better. I could only dream of being that good and never played any higher than low/mid, but if you see a decent player, you just know they're decent. A good aim and a crap player is very suss.

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                          29. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                          Momba1 wrote:



                          I very rarely see a player with an Aim-Bot and the reason is clear those players are obvious and most a Wall isn't even need since they snap to your hit-boxes and they create an impenetrable wall of death. In either Core or for that matter Hardcore they're both rare and extremely easy to spot.


                          I'm doubting you know what to look for. Because the fact is the aimbot is one of the mass cheats that keeps getting by every anti-cheat, Why would someone use a wallhack when they can use an aimbot? Plus, how far can the cheaters ( especially someone in a clan and leagues) bs story go behind a wallhack? Eventually someone will ask you to record your screen live and if all you've been relying on is a wallhack to help you your skill is going to be noticably off in the live play without being able to use your wallhack.

                          This is why the aimbot (when used correctly) is their ACE in the whole. I can make it look like I'm a madman constantly changing direction but really 1/2 of my movements is my aimbot flicking to targets behind walls when I tap the cheats aimkey.


                          Listen, I hear all you reasonings, But If your as experienced as you say you are you should know that aimbot is the go-to cheat that many clans have been using for yrs to fool people (NOT THE WALLHACK) where someone can call you out to record a round with a web cam and your suddenly terrible.

                          Do you understand that many people are smarter than this and only use the aimbot which is 1000% more undetectable than a wallhack?


                          Want to learn how to spot these realistic stealthy aimbotters?

                          Play "squad assault" and watch all the killcams made on you from the AI, watch how it grabs you at the edge of it's crosshairs then centers off, Notice how it's not perfect, Basically just pay attention to all the machanics of the AI and when you see a player mimic the AI movements (only faster) in a game for many kills you don't have to doubt if he is legit or not or that his teammate on TS2 is calling out your location. You'll know he's a cheater using an aimbot because the mechanics of his aiming is identicle to what's scripted for the AI characters.


                          I'm so sick of people saying pfffff that's not an aimbot!!! OMG you think that's an aimbot!?!?! go to youtube!! aimbots get a million headshots! and kill everyone!!


                          And my reply is always. No they don't!!

                          The aimbot scripted for this game works just like the squad assualt AI aimbot works. (the only difference is the movements/turn speeds are usually set faster by the cheaters using it) and the AI turn speeds are rather slow.

                          So I ask, Does the squad assault robot spin in circles sraying everyone through walls with headshots? No it actually looks somewhat realistic. Now put a human to activate or deactivate it and It gets to be very realistic.

                          I know how to spot the cheaters but it sounds like you know how to make excuses for them.

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