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        30. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

        the wall hacks come with the aimbot in the same mod. with a option to turn off which every ones you want

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          31. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

          Had a player last night in TDM that if you watched his killcams, you watch him tracing you through the was and even pre-firing you when you came into view.


          The people are so retarded. What makes you want to hack in an online game? Is it because you are such a loser in life that online gaming success gives you some sort of achievement in your miserable life? There's no reason for you to hack in a game with 11 legit players. These people piss me off more than anything and I know what pisses them off more than that, when they lose.

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            32. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

            The hackers, cheaters feed off what you just said about them. Personally I would like to give them Ghosts and have them just hack on that game and leave all the other CODs to the legit players.

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              33. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

              Yes I know, usually the cheats come in a multi-hack pack. Yes cheats like ESP, cham skins, wallhack can be turned on and off, Some thing like the aimbot gets a dedicated Aim-key. If the aim-key isn't pressed and held down the aimbot is not active.

              So if I'm in game in a room using this aimbot and decide to tap the aim-key all you'll see is me turning/changing direction and staring at a wall (what you don't know is behind the wall in the distance there is an enemy at the edge of my crosshairs that the cheat just spotted for me)


              Like I said, study the mechanics of the AI in "squad assault" with your killcams and all the stealth aimbotters should start appearing before your eyes.

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                34. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                To me anyone that cheats in online games is just giving me evidence that they are probably a severe loser in the real world. Unfortunately for these types of people when you suck at life you can't just go buy an aim bot to pad your stats. These cheating losers can't beat real life because in the end it will always put you in your place. The leader boards of life will show their true stature and stomp them down.


                Suck a nut botters!

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                  35. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                  Only seen 1 true aimbotter in BO2 and none in my 5 whole agonizing hours of Ghosts(lol).

                  Wallhacks probably are somewhat more represented, but I truly doubt that there are so many hackers.

                  Probably just more very bad players than hackers.

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                    36. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                    I'm painfully aware of just about any hack in CoD, been there on the receiving end too many times.


                    A dyed in the wool AimBotter is an Auto-Fire --> snap + headshot kind of player; all they have to do is walk around and their AimBot does all the work. Now I'm sure there are an assortment of options including simulated human aim.


                    By far the most common hacks I see are Waller's and Auto-Knifer's. There have been players I thought 50/50 were walling and then snap-knife me coming around a corner (<100 ms) then I knew conclusively were indeed hacking. Then there are total noobs tracing you through the walls like they just installed a hack just before the game started.


                    Listen I've been around too damn long.

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                      37. Re: Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                      well from what I hear PC gaming is like, I do not understand how it could be enjoyable at all.. it seems to be riddled with hacks, doesnt seem like it would be something i would be interested in.. thou i do understand the graphics thing, id prob do the single player on pc, and do multi on console.. saying if i was you

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                        38. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                        Unfortunately the player base for Ghosts has now dropped so low that even if you leave a game because someone is cheating, chances are you will end up right back in the same game or in another game with a different cheat.


                        I have now got to the point where I cannot be bothered constantly checking the killcam, however, I do engage the maggots in verbal banter.  They really don't like it when you constantly send witty one liners their way...all you tend to get back at you is '***, gay boy, homo, stfu' and of course the time honoured 'hope you get cancer'.  Intelligence does not seem to be a pre-requisite for the majority of cheats let alone an expansive vocabulary...I love heckling them...they don't stick around  

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                          39. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                          ExET_Molotov wrote:


                          If someone has great aim then they've got that over a period of time and experience. Time and experience give you more than just good aim, they change your playing style and if someone has great aim but plays like a noob, again I get suspicious.


                          I'm getting nostalgic for ET again as is my habit but i'll give you an example: In ET, capping the flag allows your team to respawn at that point. Watch the timing here sqzz flagcap on supply - YouTube - that takes skill. Watch the strafe jump up the stairs that at times means he's running backwards but still knows exactly where he is. When you're good, you move well, you think well, it's not just your aim that gets better. I could only dream of being that good and never played any higher than low/mid, but if you see a decent player, you just know they're decent. A good aim and a crap player is very suss.


                          Yes I agree with this, Although It doesn't necessarily mean that he is legit either, Running and jumping on stationary objects is something that can be timed and done the same exact way everytime, this is what makes it easy for humans, After repetition we learn the pattern, You can't do this for shooting at an opponent who is moving on the fly where you need to make decisions after you see what happens. So just because someone can run around the map jumping crates & stuff still doesn't mean he should have excellent 1 snap aim to every target. Although having (good) aim does make sense when a player is obviously good on the controls.


                          But 100% When you see someone can't make it around corners, running into walls constantly (has slow reaction times to these instances) but can target every enemy like a hawk so fast like he's a seasoned pro playing in the finals for a million dollar match (yes somthings up!)

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