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    Aftermath Elite Recruiting

        Aftermath Elite is currently recruiting new members. We are one of the fastest growing Clans for Battlefield 4 and on Call of Duty Ghosts!

        We just won Clan Wars Antarctica!


      We currently have over 90(42 on Ghosts) active members and more applications are coming in every day!

      We are specifically looking for PS4 members, but are still accepting PS3 members.



      • In order to join you must be at least 16 years of age. No K/D limitations(0.10 or 3.00) we'll be glad to have you.

        Is your Clan not competing the way you want them to? Why not come join us and we can destroy the battlefield together!

      If you are a Clan on Xbox 360/Xbox One and are looking to merge with an established Playstation Clan, shoot me a message over the PSN or on our Clan Website.

         If you want to join please visit us at our website.   www.aftermathelite.com

      If you want to contact me over the PSN go ahead and add me or message me @ XxNLOxX


      I look forward to hearing from you!

      XxNLOxX Call of Duty Leader

      Aftermath Elite!