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    Support Squad Mates, Thoughts and Ideas

      So, I noticed something whilst playing this weekend and I wanted to run it by the Forum and see what your thoughts are.


      It seems that the Killstreak most in fashion these days is the Support Squad Mate.


      I have to say, this is one of the most ridiculous streaks I have seen in-game to date, especially to fall into the Support Category (I think it has to rank up there with the Stealth Bomber).


      I hope I am not coming off as complaining, but it just seems there are some serious design flaws with this particular streak that I'd like to discuss and get your thoughts on as well.


      1) Health- I play mostly Hardcore, and it seems that this streak is being used more and more. What I don't get, however, is how it can be so incredibly difficult to kill, even in HC. In one instance over the weekend, I emptied an entire clip of ammunition into an uprotected area of the Squadmate and got only Ballistic Vest Hitmarkers. Two other teammates continued to fire on it, and it killed them as well. Why is the health set so high, I can understand making it a viable streak, but it shouldn't be near invincible.


      2)The fact it is armed- This streak would have been a great idea... if they had only given it a shield. Let the player use it as cover and let it bash anyone it gets close enough to... but to allow it to instantaneously and seamlessly swap from shield to firearm is absurd. Add to the fact it has the uncanny AI aim CoD Bots are known for, and it basically becomes a killing machine.


      3) It is stronger than Assault Streaks like the Maniac or Juggernaut- Again, speaking from an HC Standpoint... the Support Squad Mate has much better staying power and health than any of the Juggs, which are harder to earn as you can't die while doing so. The Maniac, as fun as it is, is pretty useless in HC.  While I have had some nice streaks using it, it only takes a few well placed shots to take it down. Yet the same firepower has little to no impact on the Squad Mates.


      So.. my suggestions

      1) Lower the health. If a player is able to get clean shots on exposed sections of the body they should be able to take it down effectively.


      2) Make it truly a Support Streak- Remove the pistol and let it be what it is meant to be, mobile cover.


      Just my thoughts.


      What are yours? Do you think they need to be changed or are they fine as is?


      Am I wrong? Am I missing something in how to deal with them? Have you found effective ways of warding them off?


      As always, thanks for the discussion and I look forward to reading your ideas.

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          1. Re: Support Squad Mates, Thoughts and Ideas

          I agree that the squad mate is one of the dumbest streaks invented.  I also put it on par with the Stealth Bomber and also the mini-nuke (dead man's hand) from past titles.  However, I've been using the squad mate for a while now simply because they are powerful and people don't expect them for the most part.  I've had several games of TDM where I'll have 2 squad mates running around at the same time (I don't run hard line).  I don't know if the latest patch only allows 1 at a time, but prior, you could for sure have multiple running around at the same time (should be like dogs and only allow 1 at a time).


          I've had a lot of game winning killcams with the squad mate too, absolutely hilarious and I just can't help but laugh out loud when it happens and also, feel a bit bad for the enemy.

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            2. Re: Support Squad Mates, Thoughts and Ideas

            Good post , surprised I haven't seen that many about this topic. I agree that if it is a support streak keep it a support streak and remove the pistol and aggressive actions. There health at least in hc is incredible sorta makes you jealous that a bot can take more than you. If they want the pistol and the aggressive actions put it in assault. I play hc as well and with a squad mate or two in domination whiteout b flag yep could be a game changer. If they don't change it definitely shouldve been a higher earned streak.

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              3. Re: Support Squad Mates, Thoughts and Ideas

              I completely agree, While I myself don't use it, I've encountered entire teams using it. The funniest killcam was a support guy shooting through one of the big rigs on Warhawk.


              I think armor piercing rounds help a little. But they could definitely use a health decrease.

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                4. Re: Support Squad Mates, Thoughts and Ideas

                These are the things they put in the game to give novice/bad players players a chance to compete. It started from MW2 and it's still alive and well in Ghosts. Who wants things like deathstreaks, Support mates & Recon Jugg,( These fackers have shields, vest & guns, yet they are "support streaks") Terminator dogs, last stand, Jihad C4 packs, OWM, Danger Close, etc in the game? The whole "support streak " is a joke. You are rewarding players for doing nothing. Doesn't matter how many times, they die, they will eventually get those streaks.

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                  5. Re: Support Squad Mates, Thoughts and Ideas

                  I love the mate! (joking)


                  I use him in objective modes, and in TDM and he saves my behind many times. He has also fallen quickly, one of the most interesting and best support streaks given to this game.

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                    6. Re: Support Squad Mates, Thoughts and Ideas

                    How you can defend the squad mate? He should be under killstreaks, not support. There is NO reason, why a support streak should be deadly. That stupid mate is more of a threat than the person who actually runs that streak. I don't even want to get into how unfair it is, when you have several people running that stupid mate, then it longer becomes 6v6, it's 6v7 or 6v8. WTF IS THAT? Nothing worse than watching a final kill and it's the stupid mate, killing some poor chap that's reloading or shooting at the stupid mate and can't kill him because he has his shield raised.

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                      7. Re: Support Squad Mates, Thoughts and Ideas



                      Have you not learned in life people will not think as you do? I enjoy it period. Take your hate somewhere else man! There are plenty of video games that I am 100% you will not hate on, and claim to be unfair and all that stuff you blab about. Seriously, your hating is unwelcomed!

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                        8. Re: Support Squad Mates, Thoughts and Ideas

                        Well, not sure about this one.


                        I use the squadmate in one of my loadouts. He often dies with zero kills, though on (rare) occasion he has gotten 4-5. I am happy if he gets 1 kill and saves me once. He also has the bad habit of getting in my way more often than not. Lastly he does not come equipped with a gun. I just learned here last night how to get him one. Shoutout to Kustom, thanks bro! Gonna have to try that.


                        But if you compare him to the very easy to get Dog, he does require many more kills, though granted in support, and is certainly not better than that darned animal.


                        I think its as easy to get multiple dogs in a game as it is to get 1 squadmate and I sure die more often from them dang beasts than from enemy squadmates.


                        Anyhow, I realize my opinion won't be very popular, but its what I think. Please note I only play HC, so have no idea of the SM's impact in Core.

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                          9. Re: Support Squad Mates, Thoughts and Ideas

                          Incorrect. The mate comes w the Shield and a hand pistol. What he does, if you put down an ammo crate he goes over to the crate and swap weapons. He doesn't pick up balistic vest, unless that changed in the latest patch but he didn't at launch.


                          The best way to kill that annoying facker is to rush him. He's pretty smart, he waits for people to unload and when he sees the person backing  up he swaps to his hand gun. He won't fast swap if you rush, just don't get to close or he will stab you.

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