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    (PS3/PS4) Eternal Phoenix [EPX] Level 20 Clan, looking to grow! Loyal team looking for loyal members!

      I'm the leader of Eternal Phoenix. We just achieved gold clan tags during the last war. I have a good group of active guys and girl lol. With roughly 15 people we won our first clan war with 8 nodes held at the end and 550 CP. I come from a high level platinum clan. Made this one because the old leader didn't know what he was doing. I'm looking for ACTIVE MEMBERS to join! I am requiring AT LEAST a 1.000 kd. The higher the better! I look forward to having more people join my clan! Also I have around 5 people from around Holland so if you happen to be from around there as well I'm sure they would love to have you. Also, I prefer for you to have a mic and be able to follow team strats. That's what helps win games. My psn/ign is Fallen_Archangel. The 2 L's in Fallen are actually uppercase i's. Add me in game or message me here. Once added in game I will accept and we will briefly discuss the clan and most likely you will be accepted. I have a 1.890 kd following the clan war. Please consider choosing us! Eternal Phoenix!




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