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    OGC Recruiting!!! Xbox 360 Players Check Us Out!!!!


      OGC is both a casual and serious CoD clan with a US team and are looking for a couple people to start a EU team. The clan K/D is 1.2 and the W/L is 56%. We Participate in Clan Wars and we need active members to do so. We are also doing 2v2 4v4 6v6 scrims with other clans. If you have a clan and want to scrim hmu the names below or email me. Please if you plan to join check out our website and apply there it helps me keep track of members easier. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefront.




      MLG Team

      OGCompetitive - Call of Duty: Ghosts Team Profile, Stats, Schedule, Players, News - CoD: Ghosts for Xbox 360 (360)


      OGC Competitive (OGCompetitive) on Twitter


      Must Have 1.2 K/D

      Must Be On and Active

      W/L of 1.1

      Have Mic

      Have Somewhat an understanding of Callouts

      Be Able to Take Orders

      Must Show Respect to Everybody

      Must Play to Win

      If You Feel Like You Have What it Takes

      Please Contact One of the Following People

      Frakkah on XBL

      Fireprooflorwyn on XBL

      mackismusty on XBL


      *We may make exeptions of K/D if you are a good OBJ player and have a high W/L