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    Why should I be the one punished for this?

      So I put this IED down to cover my behind. My clueless teammate sees my IED right next to him and panics. He immediately shoots at it to blow it up -because it clearly threatens his life and because he totally didn't see me throw it 2 seconds ago even thought it was right in front of him. But oups, he was "a little" too close from the IED when he shot it so he got hit by the explosion. NOW HE SURVIVES AND I DIE BECAUSE OF "FRIENDLY FIRE"?!


      I'm sorry but if you shoot at a friendly IED and are too close from the explosion the game should treat it like a suicide not a friendly fire. What I mean is the game should be able to recognize who shot at the IED. If I'm the one shooting at it, then my teammates shouldn't die from the explosion. But if my teammate shoots at it then it should be their problem not mine.