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    cod ghosts diamond division

      my clan recently won our 2nd platinum clan wars and when i go to sign us up for diamond it still says we need to place 2 platinum's to apply! just wondering if other clans are having this problem if not what do i do? i appreciate the help if someone knows something i do not

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          Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the correct answer, but the Call of Duty Ghosts app said that the most recent clan war (Antarctica) has concluded, and to please allow 36 hours for all rewards/achievements to be applied.  This may also have to do with wins etc.  Is Antarctica the most recent clan war your clan won in the platinum division?

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            im having the same issue. i already got the rewards from antartica clanwar but still cant opt in.

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              You need to relax. Due to the amount of players that Ghosts has between all platforms, they have to monitor all games and make sure the correct items are given out. I suggest you wait about 2 full days for clarity until you expect awards or ability to go diamond. I had to wait more than 30 hours to get our rewards from London so it takes time. You should be able to do so regardless by tomorrow.