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    Read, Really important!!

      so, im making a project and i have a question for all of you...:

      What do you find in BlackOps 2 so addicting?

      also, i am looking for a comparaison between blackops1 and 2, what do you think?

      Please reply as fast as you can thank you!


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          Re: Read, Really important!!

          The addicting part is getting the killstreak you wanted, winning, those close games and you get the game winning kill cam. Its a competitive gave game which constantly tests your skills.


          Black Ops 1 and 2..............gameplay, graphics...........almost identical. I will say this.........there is alot less "Lag" with Black Ops 2. Seems like Treyarch got a handle on this. I remember the first Black Ops used to lag horribly..........and getting an entire party into a game was damn near impossible.


          I like the maps on the First Black Ops better. Im not real impressed with the Black Ops 2 maps..........none the less.....still fun to play!

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