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    Looking for 10 Diamond Division SERIOUS gamers (Xbox360)

      Genocidal Gods (G3NO) - We have only 10 spots open for recruitment. We have been invited to Diamond Division for the 10th Feb so you would need to be active from then! And we have 90 active members but we need 10 more ACTIVE, TEAM PLAYING, SICK players who can take orders from myself and the lt commanders. We are a level 25 (Max level clan) with Red clan tags and we have won every Platinum Division clan war but hitting 1st and have the full body-count suits and emblems. We are very active and we play well as a team, So mic's would be useful please and no 5 year old's applying. We need Serious gamers who are willing to sweat buckets in the Diamond Division and not just be there and do nothing but get the rewards, because you will be kicked before a reward is even given! So please don't think this is a free ride, because it won't be.. so don't waste our time or yours. We are a good bunch of lads and have a laugh but when it comes down to wars we take it to another level and smash it. That's what we need. Also we require a positive K.D and at least 9 days played!

      If you think you fit this criteria then message me on XBL -

      Commander - LiiGGz