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    Frustration +

      I am So frustrated with this game and the lack of information from infinity ward.

      It is almost like we are not here at all .
      shame on you infinity ward you do not have the guts to face your public and say sorry

      instead you aske for more money with DLC .

      As a British Subject i can say this


                           Paul Revere was sent out on April 18, 1775 to say the red coats are coming


                           And on March 11, 2014 Mark Rubin will be saying  The Titans are Coming








                         Please do not remove  all I am asking is a response from infinity ward



      Well after reading the posts about FOV and possible getting band for using it I think

      this game just sucks .I am sorry but there is no other word I could put.

      No fix's

      No Support

      A Total Disregard for there customer Base and if you are working on fix's try telling us

      you get some respected but as it stands .  

      I would not let Infinity ward Run a Bath let alone a software company.

      Because over the years Call of duty as been so addictive they should pay for rehab

      so I can learn to play something else. Well maybe Titanfall can fix this issue . 

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          Re: Frustration

          Don't worry! They'll probably patch it right up when it's the PC's turn for the DLC. They have to get you to buy at least 1 DLC first. Because what "IF" you bought the DLC and (*presto-change-o!*) all of the sudden the game would magically start working *wink wink* for the PC masses. I mean think about it. Come on man. They'd be hero's !!!



          Meh! It's the same crap as MW3.

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              Re: Frustration

              The player base is shrinking across pretty much all platforms. Even if they fix the game (especially PC) people are so pissed at this point they more than likely wont buy the DLC.


              I'm not, I'd rather spend my money on other things... like games from developers that deliver.


              I said this before but this needs to be said again. We all learned a valuable lesson with this game (I certainly did). I'll never pre order a game again and I'll wait a good 2 months after a game is released to see what the state of the game is from review sites and more importantly the community before purchasing.


              This company is now working under a higher bar that they have set themselves so they better get to steppin!

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                  Re: Frustration

                  I will wait also and never pre-order again.


                  I will also wait for reviews mostly from the community.


                  But we all fell for the propaganda. "The PC version will be the best experience ever for a Call of Duty game"


                  They got us for sure but I think we all learn from our mistakes.

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                      Re: Frustration

                      @ @ I'm proud of you all. I have been doing that every year since MW2 and have been reading the same comments every year. Lets hope you all keep to your word.

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                          Re: Frustration

                          I am a man of my word and I never say anything I am not going to follow through with


                          No DLC for this game for me until they give us an effective anti-cheat or dedicated servers with admin panel so we can ban steam id's... or both.


                          They could sell the DLC for a buck and I still wouldn't buy it because the principle here far out weighs the content by millions of tons,

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