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    Rant: AR vs. Sniper Rifles

      When a sniper gets outgunned by a AR at long range,  you know something is messed up. Today, some loser was camping with a sc-2010 thermal AR and instant kills me ACROSS the map.


      what is the point of snipers if they are useless against AR's? AR's are supposed to have major damage drop off but in this game its a 3-4 hit kill no matter the range.




      Out of all the things IW could of done to make CoD better they reduce the health?! An aspect of CoD that NOBODY has complained about? But instead of correcting the problem you bring out 1 lousy game-mode with slightly more health because you're too lazy to do a overhaul of the health system.

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          1. Re: This game is officially trash...my rant.

          A sniper rifle is not meant to necessarily outgun a weapon "built" for long range, in this game.  If you would have said, SC2010 iron sights that's one thing, but if they had thermal on, that was their conscious choice to make a gun built for long range and probably have some skill handling it's recoil etc.  Also, an SC 2010 in particular is known for having "good" recoil for an AR.


          Also, a sniper rifle is a "skill" weapon or a "niche" weapon relative to fully automatic weapons.  The fanbase/Devs had slowly crept that towards it being an "all purpose" weapon in certain titles because they are a fan favorite, but snipers are also not a "power weapon" like in the Halo series.  A sniper rifle will never get it's just due in a COD game, in it's "proper" use (a subjective term of course) , until maps that are stonehaven size and larger are commonplace, and recoil and bullet realism start creeping in more (think the famous ghillie suit level of COD4, not to that extreme of course).  Or, if they pulled a Halo and started making snipers some form of a drop down care package killstreak, they have scout heli, but that puts you out in the wide open lol.


          There is no trolling in my post, I know this is a touchy topic.

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            2. Re: This game is officially trash...my rant.

            The first thing that came to my mind is: "He just had better aim and better reflexes than you."


            But yeah I can understand the frustration of Snipers because a lot of Assault Rifles and especially the Marksman Rifles are incredibly good in this game. So truth is Snipers are kinda obsolete without quick scoping and without gigantic maps.


            You're better off camping with a MR than with a Sniper imho. Even with an AR with enough range and accuracy. you just need good aim and you can pretty much snipe people all day and run and gun on top of it.

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              3. Re: This game is officially trash...my rant.

              if he klled you it's because he played better than you, or saw you first. get better at the game and stop complaining.

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                4. Re: This game is officially trash...my rant.

                so   4 bullets with an AR at long range isn't  ridiculous? Never has CoD had such mechanics!


                The health is also  the reason why ghosts has so much camping. All the garbage players are too afraid to move....

                btw, my k/d 1.65 and i rush all the time.

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                  5. Re: This game is officially trash...my rant.

                  You rush with a sniper rifle?  Interesting....


                  EDIT:  also should add, you mention an SC2010.  That is a 5 shot kill at maximum range.

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                    6. Re: This game is officially trash...my rant.

                    What if burst fire is equipped? I know I do surprisingly well on Stonehaven with a burst equipped HB in hardcore. Not saying I can shoot across the map mind you, but for me its better and more fun than a sniper rifle -I suck at quickscoping and get bored staying in the same spot for extended periods of time.

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                      7. Re: This game is officially trash...my rant.

                      I'd be amazed if someone setting up to snipe with this weapon would run a burst fire attachement, but I guess it could be possible.


                      As far as I'm aware, the exact damage boost on burst fire has not been calculated yet (happy to be proven wrong here if someone is aware of a site that has this).  I'd suspect you'd still need at least 4 hitmarkers, and due to the increased kick I doubt you;d ever land all 3 of the burst on target at any distance, so you're looking at a minimum of 2 bursts, more likely 3 for the average player.

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                        8. Re: This game is officially trash...my rant.

                        I agree with one of the other posters who said that he probably seen you first-  plus what attachments & perks one has vs the other guy.


                        But I do think its ironic that you are complaining about an AR having the ability to kill you from a distance, when I seem to get killed quite often by someone running around with a sniper rifle and quick-scoping.....  LOL    So it could be argued, how is it even remotely possible that someone could have the ability to "quick-scope" and kill someone with a SMG when they come face to face? I mean seriously; they aren't even required to get a sight picture in the scope, and yet they hit their target the majority of the time. I would say that's laughable, but it happens all the time.


                        So I would take that trade, you can have your long range sniper ability, and you give up the ability to magically quick-scope faster than a SMG.


                        Play and Have fun bro

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                          9. Re: This game is officially trash...my rant.

                          Well I don't set up to snipe but I use burst combined with the vmr sight on Stonehaven and Whiteout with the HB. Quite happy with its effectivness. It allows me to make decently long shots, sometimes with one burst, while enabling me to move around and react quickly, which I am unable to do with a sniper rifle. I probably should play around more with the marksman rifles, but haven't much yet...


                          The HB has great centering speed, so the recoil is much less of a factor with burst equipped Imho. For sure the damage is higher, though idk either by what multiplier.

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