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        20. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

        Game mode blitz

        map sovereign

        believe  it was four of us in a party and two randoms other side clearly a blitz focused clan

        caught in a spawn kill frenzy the second we spawn we were killed they knew where each of the spawns were and after not being able to take a single step after being killed 10 times in a row without taking a single step we backed out....... Notice I said back out,,,there is no fighting through it if you can't take a step

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          21. Re: We need Spawns feedback!


          All Maps

          Full Teams


          The spawns are garbage on EVERY MAP.  In Strikezone, I was capturing B flag when an enemy spawns DIRECTLY TO MY RIGHT and kills me.  In the GIANT @$$ castle garbage map (the map is complete garbage), I spawn next to people all the time.  There have been times when I spawn INSIDE THE ENEMY SPAWN INBETWEEN 4 ENEMIES on Freight.  I have watched someone kill an enemy in strikezone and then the SAME PLAYER spawns right in front of him in the middle of our team rushing to B flag.  I get spawn killed at least once every map where I spawn right into someones sights.  You would think on that garbage castle map you wouldn't have this problem BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG MY FRIEND.  Honest to god, everytime they "fix" the spawns, I swear it gets worse.  Oh and I'm on PS4 but I'm sure activision doesn't care since they tailor made this game for xbox.  Oh and lets talk about PS4 lag.  IT STILL ISN'T FIXED and it causes me to die so many times.  This game is garbage, I'd rather play Black Ops 2 on the previous gen console than put up with this crap game.

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            22. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

            Domination on Freight is nothing but people running into your spawn. Its not so bad when you have a team but when playing with randoms it's really bad. Thanks for trying to fix this! Also, anyway you can do something about danger close. I run blast shield and people still tube and kill me with one shot. It's kind of a waste of a perk. Shouldn't be that easy to kill someone.

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              23. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

              I play mainly TDM and KC, both core and HC.

              I still encounter multiple bad spawns on every map I play and every game I play.

              I'll spawn, take 2 steps and then die. Spawning in enemies lines of sight, getting spawned outside when a Killstreak is in the air.

              I played on Ignition the other day. I killed somebody and got killed by their dog, the game then spawned me a fee feet away and I got killed by the dog before I'd go chance to move.

              I think the priority for spawning should be to spawn you as far away from enemy players as possible. If this "revenge spawn" thing is actually in the game then it needs to be taken out immediately. The game should not be spawning players next to other players just to get revenge.

              One other suggestion I have, although i don't know if it's possible, would be to essentially put a grid over the maps and allow players to spawn in any square on the grid. And allow them to spawn inside buildings, on any level in the building.

              I think that would work better than fixed spawn points on each map. Obviously it would be a lot harder to manage on a game mode like Domination.

              For me the spawning is my number 1 problem with this game.

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                24. Re: We need Spawns feedback!
                kill cconfirmed and tdm iswhat I play aand it's justmaking the game frustrating.  If its not being spawn killed by someone spawning with you then its spawning on top of a ied. It's still happening on every map (the dlc maps are just a little better).  Also the latest update put you straight into single player at your last save wheb u start the game up.(x1).
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                  25. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                  The smaller maps still need work, strikezone, tremor  and any mode, full parties.

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                    26. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                    Spawn logic has definitely improved a lot with the patch its a lot more noticeable especially in modes with static "bases" like dom  and blitz .


                    (although there is an issue on blitz with spawns that can skew the game slightly if you have more people in your the enemies half of the map and especially nearer their portal it will respawn you close to their portal resulting in the game reverting to whoever can cap first unhindered.  Also I do not like the fact on Dom it's possible to spawn directly on the enemies a or c flag this should never happen in Dom  imo)


                    For non static game modes, kc/tdm ect there is a def improvement , its still not quite "there" yet. I and I am sure others would agree we would prefer to respawn more away from the "action" in a safe spot . I appreciate given the fluidity of these game modes a safe "team" spot is relative and not always exactly possible, and its harder when you have unlimited sprint as we know that breaks spawn logic  .


                    I would also love to see the completely removal of any mechanism in spawn logic that allows for " revenge spawns " there should not ever be a reason to spawn directly within range of the person who shot you or you shot evah !!!111!!!!  This is most obvious still on release maps of smaller sizes , but the dlc maps seem to be a lot better havent really noticed any where as many spawn fails .


                    Overall i'd say the spawn logic is "almost " there now .


                    In other news give major props to (im assuming Joe) who has obviously been staring and collating data from that tool he made as its paid off ..

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                      27. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                      Most of the really horrible spawns I get are in Kill Confirmed - and the even more frustrating part is they come in groups or 3 or 4.  I will spawn and die almost instantly or within a few steps 3 or 4 times in a row.


                      I'm on PS3.



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                        28. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                        Playing TDM tonight. Finding myself being spawned in same spot quite often ( obviously when spawns haven't been pushed ),,,  I'm safe behind team lines.

                        Played on Soverign twice - was being spawned back to where Team spawned upon start.

                        I like these safer spawns. If you die I think you should be made to make your ground and position again.

                        Of course if teams push each other around the map Spawn location is changing.

                        Yet to play Dom since new update - looking forward to seeing similar improvements.

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                          29. Re: We need Spawns feedback!



                          Full lobby


                          One guy was aiming through a door at the striptease that faces a corner of the map, and we kept appearing there and getting killed immediately until he eventually died.

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