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    Exiled Recruiting Xbox360

      Exiled Aces is now recruiting for legit gamers who can be on more than 4 days a week and who can actually play. We do not care about your K/Ds but we do care about how you play. If you have the skill of a gold, platnium, or master league ranked player. Then we want you. If your K/D is low, never played league play, but still can destroy players, we want you. We are an MLG, Quick Scoping, and Pub stomping clan. We do not take our recruiting easily and will be harsh on judgement. If you think you have what it takes to be called an Exiled Ace, then either comment or message me on xBox. Information that you may want and need are below.



      Must have a working mic or have one within 2 weeks

      Be able to chang eyour gamertag if you are trying to either be on the MLG or Quick Scoping division.

      Must be able to destroy lobbies in more than 70% of your games or go more than a 1.50 K/D in it

      Must be a gold, platnium, or masters skill in league play if your K/D is below 1.0


      Expectations if you do make it:

      Respect your seniors/ higher ups

      Report to the head clan leader if you are being harrassed, insulted, training, problems, or future breaks off of the xbox

      Respect other members of lower rank and play with your clan members at least twice a day



      How to bring yourself up?

      Be able active in the clan while having a good reputation among us

      Recruit 5 people with our requirements up in hand



      Exiled x Ace



      Instagram: Exiled x Ace

      Twitter: Coming Soon

      YouTube: Coming Soon ( We are looking for a graphic designer to create montages and headers for our youtube channel. Theyw ill be paid in the future within the given time of 4 months. )


      Clan Leader: Exiled x Ace

      Clan name on Elite: Exiled Aces