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    Platinum Division(ps3 clan) looking for more active members

      About Us

      Name: MurderonSight

      lvl: 22

      Members: 17

      Clan War Division: Platinum

      Leader: Xkon-OBezzy

      Nationality:  American

      Time Zone: Mainly Central and Eastern

      Hey guys MurderonSight is now recruiting. We are looking for dedicated,active,loyal members. That play the objective and are team players. As a clan are goals are the same,all we want is to win games,kill people,and win clan wars. So far we won 2 clan wars one in brozeand the other one in platinum ,but we are ready for more. The veterans of the clan are dedicated in ready to win more clanwars starting wensday. To do so we need YOUR help. We are looking for players thats dedicated during clan wars and are very active(during clan wars). Also we been around for all of ghost,so we have chemistry with each other. Were looking to get bigger as a clan and to maybe even participate in clan battles soon. If anyone is interested in joining then message me on psn@Xkon-OBezzy or just apply to the clan using the app and i will accept you right away. Also don't hesitate to invite your friends to the clan if they meet the requirements then thats great,the more people the better,but if they don't meet the requirements i can give them a trial for this clan war just to see what their skill level at.

      Holding Tryouts as well

      When we tryout are members we just play with them for a few games,or in this case a clan war just to see if they can help us or not.


      Gamemodes we play:





      Search and Rescue



      1.40 kd higher

      Active, Play at least 2 or 3 hours during clan wars



      IF you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment down below