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    Perk System Idea

      Alright so I have an outside of the box idea it's a very large idea so bare with me. So what if instead of a perk list that you choose from it was instead a skills and attributes and perks system. I know what you are thinking this isn't a role playing game but this system wouldn't set up in a way similar to a RPG instead it would be set up to match a FPS. Here's how this system would be set up basically there will only be three attributes Strength, Agility and Endurance the skills would be Speed, Stealth, Elite, Handling and Awareness. The perks will be earned instead of picked and you will only be allowed four perks in general at a time active to keep the game balanced. Basically everyone will start with zero points for attributes and skills and they won't have any perks to use.


      Here is how the attributes will be set up Strength will cover how far you throw lethals and tacticals and how fast you run with guns heavier then the SMG and it will also cover how many guns and equipment you can carry. Basically in order to get strength to level up you will need to throw lethals and tacticals be a mobile player with guns heavier then the SMG and use other people's primaries. Basically after you get five points in strength you will unlock one of these effects once you max your strength out you will be able to pick any of the effects to use because it will be limited to one effect like the other attributes. Agility will cover how fast you sprint, walk and crouch walk and it will determine how high and far you jump. In order to level up Agility you will need to sprint and walk and crouch walk and of course jump. Endurance will cover damage resistance when it comes to explosives and tactical explosives and it will cover health regeneration and how long you sprint. In order to level up endurance you will need to sprint for a long period of time and basically take damage from bullets or explosives or tacticals and survive. Also the higher the attribute the higher the effect that you choose for it.


      The skills will be set up in a different way basically you will have do anything that pertains to that skill so lets say it's speed you will have to do things that pertain to speed. The higher the skill the higher the effects of the perks you have selected for that skill. So here is a list of the perks and how you would acquire them.


      1. Sleigh of Hand will pertain to speed to acquire it you will need to basically reload your gun.

      2. Stalker will also pertain to speed basically it will require you to strafe while getting kills allowing full strafing speed.

      3. Ready Up will pertain to speed and it will require kills after sprinting.

      4. Scrambler will pertain to speed in order to acquire this perk all you have to do is run through IEDs or Motion Sensors. This perk jams all equipment that's deployed.

      5.Momentum this will pertain to speed this perk will increase your speed for every kill you get. To acquire this perk you will need a number of chain kills.



      1.Blind Eye will be earned by destroying point streaks.

      2.Off the Grid will be earned by getting kills while an Oracle or Sat Com or any other equipment that detects the you is active.

      3.Dead Silence will be earned will be earned by getting kills without making a sound basically crouch walking or staying still.

      4.Incog will be earned by killing Thermal Sight and Tracker Sight and Motion Sensor users.

      5.Takedown will be earned by getting kills in a row without dying.



      1.Quickdraw will be earned after a certain amount of kills while aiming down the sight.

      2.Reflex will be earned by getting kills with lethals or by getting a kill after switching weapons.

      3. On the Go will be based on how many times you reload before sprinting.

      4.Steady Aim will be acquired by hip fire kills.

      5.Kick Control basically it reduces recoil and to acquire it you need burst kills on fully automatic weapons.



      1.Focus will be earned by long shot kills.

      2.Hardline will be earned by earning point streaks.

      3.Dead Eye will be earned by a certain number of head shots.

      4.Marksman will be earned by getting kills with the iron sight.

      5.Three Attachments will be earned by getting kills with no attachments on the gun.

      6.Fully Loaded will be earned by getting kills without missing until the target is down.

      7.Danger Close can only be earned after an amount of explosive kills.



      1.Amplify will be earned by getting kills in a close range to you.

      2.Recon will be earned by flashing and stunning and using the motion sensors successfully.

      3.Scavenger can be earned by simply getting a certain amount of kills per clip.

      4.Sitrep will be earned by destroying enemy equipment.

      5.Ping is also earned by chain kills.


      So basically the list states how you could earn each perk keep in mind all of these ways of earning a perk are also ways of leveling up that skill set. The difference between Attributes and Skills is the fact that Attributes will add more to the effects provided to that attribute but will not add any of those effects. Skills will add more to the perks the higher it is but not as much as the Attributes however it will provide very weak versions of each perk the more you level up basically if you unlock a perk like Sleigh of Hand but don't equip it and your skill for speed is up you still get part of that perk but it's very little to keep it balanced.


      Since Endurance covers health regeneration Core will have no health regeneration until a point for Endurance is earned but it will be very slow. Hardcore players will bleed out until they have one hp and if they have Endurance then they will bleed out slower if the faster health regeneration is selected however then Hardcore players will not bleed out as fast once Endurance is maxed Hardcore players will stop bleeding out. Core players will just get max health regeneration at max Endurance. Guns and equipment and levels and leveled equipment will be earned the same only instead of picking perks for each load out the soldier will have those perks and skills and attributes for all load outs. Endurance will basically have Blast Shield and Tactical Resistance only they will be effects instead of perks.


      Does this sound like it will make the game challenging or too challenging? Or do you wanna keep things simple?

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