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    For the love of god............-_-


      Every night the lag gets worse and worse and now disconnections are happening too frequently and its pissing me and many others off and why does disconnections from host count as a stupid loss i mean seriously im having  good matches and then it lags hardcore and then boom everyone gets booted from the lobby saying disconnected from host.Im not blaming u trey its all infinity wards fault on this poorly excuse game that had potential and now its gone down the $hit hole.Also another thing on infected the knife lunging is so stupid i mean im running and wen i turn around to shoot the infected person hes like 10 feet away from me  and he magically flies towards me and knifes me which i call bs.One more thing we need blast shield perk or just remove i.e.d.s all together cause we got noobs on infected using their ieds to kill their own survival teammates and its really becoming annoying.