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    Invisible players in mw3 -  5 in last month alone i have ther gametags

      In last month alone we have run into 5 invisible players playing mw3,  2 of them last night!  your moving around, you see nobody is there all of a sudden your dead, and no its not just a good camper hiding in a corner... The kill cam reveals somebody right in front of you.. He's INVISIBLE!  until the kill cam replay.. We have made numerous complaints to xbox in last month, and also to avoid these players, but yet they still show up in the lobby we are playing in...I am 54 yrs old and have no time for cheaters...At this moment I will not name the names from last night, because it will probably serve no purpose.. all I can say is I'm hacked off! ... its amazing how you can go 38-0 with a kd ratio of less than 1.00