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      Thanks for letting me IW ! I'm not a huge fan of Call Of Duty ! I'm a fan of FPS , which at one time, ever more tired of playing an unprecedented game about World War II in the Medal of Honor series, PS2 . In PS3 i found modern fighting with COD. The first two titles in the Modern Warfare series have been fantastic so far in the multiplayer but it showed the same and since those versions hackers were present .


      Any ordinary person can , since 2007 , type in google " Call of Duty Hack " and become aware of any possibility to play dishonestly in the PS3 game system. In XBOX360 console it is more difficult for any hacker the network activity can be identified and anyone can lose not only their access but to the device!


      I wonder why the PS3 system does not happen? And do not tell me to put the blame solely on SONY for not having his providences, when part of the principle that it is not programming games . But since 2007 seems to here to close his eyes against the practice is common and acceptable thing , after all, is a game of the franchise as COD4 : Modern Warfare sold worldwide until November 2013 , something close to over 17.39 million units (on all platforms , let alone the entire franchise?) , why IW would be worried about after sales of their games , ensuring those who spent $ 50 or more (here in Brazil the game was released to something equivalent to $ 82) to have fun coz somehow like the style of FPS that provides franchise? If the game has sold fantastically , is already good, so investors are amazed and so you guarantee payments next year, right?


      Correct balance of weapons, game modes, loading textures, is simple, It seems to conform more players than actually solve the big problem. Until the new DLC map Ignition made it "copy" of the late MW2 Scrapyard Map. But what's the surprise? all development and programming is basically the same. Piece of cake huh?


      Have a minimum of respect for those who bought their game and solve this once great displeasure that is the presence of cheaters in the game. Report only serves no purpose in less than 30 minutes with the same crook this new account, playing and cheating in multiplayer.


      Or, give back my money, I do not spend it to be fooled!!


      Here are some screen shots to illustrate what I mean.(I have billions of photos of this idiots!)


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