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    Can I get my prestige back after having it deleted by a hacker in COD: MW2?

      I have been playing this game for years.  I was a 9th prestige at level 70.  My playing time was logged at over 30 days.  I never went to the 10th prestige as a way to illustrate I was not a booster.  Anyways, I had nearly everything unlocked and I still enjoyed playing from time to time.  Last night a hacker clearly came into the lobby I was in but I do not know who.  After I had a pretty good game, the next game got weird.  If you pulled the trigger once it would fire multiple times.  I killed someone and then some weird equation popped up after I shot him.  Then the game ended abruptly but we were still in the lobby.  Then I got a message saying I was kicked, but I was still in the lobby.  THEN the lobby ended.  I tried to join another lobby and that is when I noticed my prestige, level, and all guns and unlockable items had been reset.  I called activision and the support tech just said, "Well, you are a good gamer I am sure you can get it back."  I do not want to earn it back.  I have already EARNED it.  Besides, why bother earning it back if some other hacker can just take it again.  I want my info back. Is this possible?