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    Call of Duty®: Assault Rifle Edition


               No, this is not a prediction about the next Call of Duty; this is about what Call of Duty Ghosts should have been named. Ghosts at this point is all about assault rifles and a couple sub machine guns, theres no weapon diversity in the game. Assault rifles are honestly the only weapon used now, and its not entirely those peoples fault. In Ghosts the weapon balance is by far the worst since some of the earliest Cods. Theres essentially only five weapons used in the game, and I'm sure you know which those are. Infinity Ward could basically cut Riot Shield, Shotguns, Marksman Rifles, Light Machine guns, Pistols, and most of the Submachine guns; and the game would not even become much more different than it already is. As for snipers, they used to be somewhat useful but the try-hards complained to IW enough about them being "too powerful" or "too easy to use" that they are becoming more and more worthless. (ohh and like using an ak-12 or remington is not easy or overpowered.) So I guess that leaves assault rifles, they're the only weapons used and can be used. There shouldn't be one class that rules them all, but that is clearly the case in Ghosts.

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          Dude, Where have you been? COD for the most part has always been dominated by assault riffles. They give you the best of both worlds, mobility & long/short range power. BLOPS2 was dominated by Sub's because the maps were small & chaotic.

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              Yes, but no. Cods assault rifles have always been a highly used weapon, but in ghosts because they have made other weapon classes nowhere near the level assault rifles are on, there is little incentive to use other weapons. Thus making assault rifles really the only guns used.

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                post up on a head glitch with an AR and smgs have no chance

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                  I think it's the strength of the domination of ARs that gets people.


                  Marksman rifles?  Could be better (full benefit of Quickdraw, better range and faster fire cap I guess).  I only use the IA-2 myself because the SVU's scope is bad.

                  Sniper rifles?  Got nerfed needlessly and the massive reduction in OHK areas when using a suppressor overly caters for red dot chasing mouthbreathers.

                  LMGs?  More recoil than MW3 and much less recoil reduction by stance than in MW3 and damage dropoff (the days of infinite 3HK range is over by the looks of it).  Imagine if the thermal L86 from MW3 came back in Ghosts.  Oh the rage....

                  Shotguns.  I think the Bulldog is only as good as the stock Striker from MW3, but don't quote me on that.  also Steady Aim is required if you want to make your gun productive and that might be limited to the Tac 12 and the Bulldog.


                  Problem is when you use other weapons outside of ARs and SMGs is that you use up more of your perk setup to be as effective.  I can get away without using Stalker on ARs but if I do that on LMGs I'm not going to be too productive on my team.  A way round that would be Reflex and a pistol but that costs the same as Stalker anyway.

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                  ARs are the preferred weapon for most Operatives in the field as they are diverse, can be used at range and in CQB, so this shouldn't shock you.


                  But I have been killed by plenty of Snipers, Marksman Rifles, LMGs, and Shotties, so not sure what you are getting at.

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                    The only weapon I see most people use is the M-Tar X.

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                      The weapon I see used the most is the AK-12 or HB.  I'm planning on making a thread in bit on the most common weapons of the "Preferred Weapon" area on the player card (I know that's not completely accurate, but it's an easy way to get lots of data).  Right now, I have 139 ARs, 35 SMGs, 21 Snipers, 7 MRs, 5 Shotguns, 2 LMGs, and 1 IED.  If you say AR's are way popular and powerful, you'd be right.

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                        Doesn't matter to me what everyone else is doing. Isn't any concern of mine.


                        I have a calc slot from every gun class. Enjoy using every one of them on certain maps too.

                        I don't go 40-2 every set up, but its still "fun" to rip on er.  (ie. Shot gun with slug mod & pistol on Stonehaven)

                        Sometime's having FUN is better than KD. Imagine that..... lol

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                          I think the LMGs and the MR28 Marksman Rifle is great for when I play TDM on the medium to large maps. The MR28 wrecks on Stonehaven. The Bulldog shotgun is one of the best guns on Strikezone and Tremor. I've been playing a lot of KC lately, and a team of AR users will likely get beat pretty badly. I watch them go 20-10 and pick up 4 tags. One of the LMGs with the lame thermal scope works really well on Prisonbreak.


                          I agree ARs are the most popular, but not always the best choice.

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                            assault rifles have ALWAYS been the most used gun by far in all cod games. In Ghosts it is no different. Most used gun by the pros and competitive players is the mtar a sub machine gun. I see a nice amount of LSATs and Mlars. I see tons of snipers. You are just complaining to complain.


                            Ghosts weapons are EASILY one of the most balanced weapon sets in the entire COD series.

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                              My advice would be, that if you enjoy the game, change it up. Get really good with something else and screw the k/d, it's easy to get back. I love shotguns.

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                                So basically, you are just looking for a reason to just run ARs TC?


                                I use and get killed by a variety of weapons. ARs are the best all around weapon but are beaten if they get caught in the niches of the other weapons but win they force an engagement outside of them.

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                                  I select whatever weapon class I feel like at the start if the game / map.  Apart from sniper rifles (which is my skill issue, not the gun) I maintain the basically the same KD on all weapon classes.


                                  ARs are popular, but all weapon types are viable, if you care to learn them.

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                                    LOL just because AR are the most used gun type does not mean the rest are usless. AR are great all purpose guns thats why they are heavily used and why i love them, but certain maps call for different weapons bigger maps suit MR, Snipers and LMG better than ARs do. Smaller maps call for SMG or Shotguns that can outgun ANY AR in CQC. I use ARs, MRs, Snipers and LMGs depending on the map and how I feel like playing, while using SMGs pretty much on Strikezone but with the new maps I could definately use them more. I haven't used shotguns extensively because I cringe at the though of it being my primary (MW2 shottys were secondaries) and i cant justify wasting 3 points on overkill to use one as a secondary, so for now i stay away from them. but your rant is stupid because the weapon diversity is great especially when compared to Mw3 blops and blops2

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                                             Calling my post "stupid" is a weak and immature way to try an justify your opinion above mine. Now, back to the topic; my main reason for writing my "rant" is that, I see many people bash weapons for being op, and most of those weapons are not assault rifles. For example, quick scoping /sniping, they get smashed for being op, and as result have become weaker and slower, making them less of an viable option to use. Its somehow ok to see tryhards go 70 and 5 in a game using a Remington; but a sniper is ''overpowered'' when they quick scope and maybe get a positive KD. Assault rifles seem to be the only weapons that can get away with being overpowered. My main point is mostly about defending snipers because, they always get ****-on for being "too easy to use" and "Op". IW is making snipers harder and harder to use, till the point where there is no purpose in using them because, Assault rifles are superior and dominate the playing field. If someone is good at using an ak-12 and get 50 kills, then a person who is good with a sniper should be able to get the same amount, no matter if they hard scope or quick scope. There shouldn't be one class that rules them all, but that is clearly the case in Ghosts. 

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                                        Yes the AR usage is high in Ghosts but it wasn't as bad as Call of Duty SMG Ops 2. Every lobby is a healthy mix of different weapons with AR edging out mostly in numbers. But I feel that the shotgun usage has been a lot lesser than previous CODs.

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                                          I want the game realistic, in real life if you had an assault rifle with a sight is really hard to beat unless your already posted with a sniper rifle. The assault rifle will win its mobile has range and penetration, there is a reason the military uses assault rifles as the stock weapon, because it's deadly in anyone's hands that can remotely aim. I'm not even an assault rifle user for the most part, but my best weapon is the SMG speed mobility and I take out snipers with smoke grenades, just get close with speed a sure fire way to take a sniper. A assault rifle can meet you in smoke, but because of the mobility dances in gun fights. The assault rifle is the most balanced.

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                                            AR's SHOULD be the dominate weapon. They are the "jack of all trades" weapon that are good, NOT GREAT, in pretty much all situations.


                                            I will break this down REALLY simple so people can understand why. First Snipers, shotguns, and marksmen rifles are SPECIALIZED CLASSES meaning they are supposed to be played a CERTAIN WAY WITH SKILL to be effective. The part about having skill makes these weapons hard for about 85% of the players of COD to use and be successful and have fun with. You don't see many shotguns because the map size is ridiculously large and if you can't navigate smart, and play a certain way, you are going to die a LOT. Marksmen rifles and snipers are so-so in this game and are still VERY lethal in the hands of a competent player.


                                            Here how the guns are layed out and should be played


                                            AR's - jack of all trades, doesn't really excel in any category well rounded weapons

                                            SMG's - sacrifice long range power for higher rate of fire, faster mobility than AR

                                            LMG - larger magazines, slightly more powerful at range than an AR with the sacrifice to mobility

                                            Shotgun - higher chance for a one shot one kill at close range, close range damage trade off for distance

                                            Sniper - lower mobility with highest power of all guns. OSOK capability at long range for slow rate of fire

                                            Marksmen - hybrid between sniper and AR.