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    Quitting Games....

      I see  of a lot posts about penalizing players for leaving midgame. Yes it is frustrating. But I have yet to see a post on rewarding players that DO STAY. I don't have regular play  mates that I can party with or a clan that can help me with getting better so I solo and end up at the mercy of the Ghosts Match Gods. For example last night i was in a KC match and my team was clearly over matched as we finished with only 16 pts. Yes we were slaughtered but when it was over and the stats came up sure enough only myself and two teammates had stuck it out. To add insult to misery one opposing team member keys up on how they had kicked our bleeping bleeps. Well they did and that's true and certain beyond a fact but it was like a full team against three .


      Shouldn't those of us that stay and get bloodied to heck and back also be rewarded with atleast a patch for staying in x amount of matches where half or better of your team quit? Just curious as to opinions on it. It probably wouldn't stop those that quit but it would definantly raise morale for those that stay.




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          I Stay for my match bonus. every little bit of xp helps me.

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            I understand your frustration with people quitting.

            But a couple things.

            1. You get bonus xp for staying.

            2. I'm not a big believer in giving someone "rewards"  for doing what they are supposed to do.

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              Match Bonus isn't enough?

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                the worst is having a bad connection and not being able to kill even when u empty a whole clip in someone's back and they simply turn n kill u !  aaarrgghhhhh

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                  Sometimes it's really ridiculous.

                  Players whose teammates are quitting should be awarded more XP until the gap is closed.

                  Just like:


                  1 tm quit: team gets 25% more XP

                  2 tms quit: team gets 50% more XP

                  3 tms quit: team gets 75% more XP

                  4 tms quit: team gets 100% more XP

                  5 tms quit: last person left gets 200% more XP


                  If the other team starts leaving the amount of XP for the last person left should be lowered again in the same way.

                  But that is very unlikely to become a part of the game because people would start abusing it asap ...

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                    What you are asking for most likely will never happen.

                    And as for the players/clans who brag about demolishing a 1 or 3 player team, that just shows they have no class and are poor sportsman.

                    Whether I win or lose I don't say anything to the other players on the other team. In fact, I'm so sick of people talking crap in this game that as soon as I get in a pre-game lobby or put into an active game, I mute every player except my clan members.

                    I always take my win or loss without hearing what the other team has to say.

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                        I sir was apart of the clan that Destroyed your team last night. If you listened we gave you three mad props for sticking it out and were bad mouthing the Bi**hes that left because we were destroying the team. Sorry for your confusion. We were simply just having a good time and run great together as a 6 player team.

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                            I am not sure we are talking about the same match. The match i was referring to there was only one person that spoke before the final stats showed only 3 left on my team. I do remember the match with your clan (I recognize your name atleast) and I'll admit you guys were gratious to us that stayed. But I am sure it was a different match that I was referring to that was before the match we played and to be honest after the bad bloodying we took , your props actually made me feel there are still good sports in the game. If I am mistaken then I do humbly appologize as all I heard was the one negative and nothing more after that. I just purchased a headset so now I can here  and participate better in the conversations and game play. Makes a world of difference when you can communicate back and forth with teammates and even in the lobby.



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