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    hacker added 5000 downs onto my Zombies Stats :(

      i was playing zombies casually then out of nowhere i get the error message "An Error has occurred you have been signed out of Playstation Network" then i quickly signed in after it said "Signed In" i received a message from someone named [Removed by Moderator] saying "I Hope you enjoy your stats, Pal" at first i didn't know what he meant so the next day i signed in to have my daily fix of some good Zombies i looked at my stats only to find that i had 5658 downs on my Career stats i had 3 downs on grief and 655 downs on Co-Op Stats and i noticed i no longer had the Shotguns Rank i earned i was upset because it took me about 5 months of grinding to earn them and i was stuck with the skull rank if anyone knows a way i can get my Rank reset that would be great.


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