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    My game crashes after recent update

      Well all was going well you know with bad fps cause optimization sucks but still i cant actually open the game and then this update comes in, and suddenly i cant open the game anymore i get the "CoD:Ghost has stopped working" sign, i played the game without problems like 2 days before...

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          Re: My game crashes after recent update

          I'm in the same boat...I just loaded the game up today and downloaded the new patch and the game crashes before it will even load. I't wont even load into safe mode without crashing. Lets try and dissect this problem. I just downloaded the 14.whatever mantle drivers from AMD the other day for battlefield. Are you running AMD's new drivers for mantle? I'm wondering if these set of drivers might be conflicting with the new patch.  And if your running intel, then I'm totally lost. This **** is getting ridiculous...its bad enough i can barley play the game with a 3.6 ghz processor and a 7870, but now I can even load it period.

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            Re: My game crashes after recent update

            Hey CoYoTeCojo,


            I moved your thread to the support section of the forums so that we can further assist you. Can you please post your pc specs or dx diag for our reference? I recommend trying the suggestions listed here Activision Support. Also, have you tried verifying your game cache via Verify Game Cache Files (GCF).



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