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    bo2 vs ghosts

      Ok why do i suck so bad? But be nice... i really want to love this game but i keep getting killed by campers who know all the choke points. Yeah bo2 is riddled with campers but they never fair well. So why do they thrive? Huge maps? What can i do to improve going from a modest 1.00 kd in bo2 to .43 Kd in ghosts ?

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          You need to take it more slow. Black Ops 2  was good for rushing playstyle Ghosts not so much.

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            1. the hit detection is spot on, so dont expect to rush into 4 enemies and kill them like in bo2

            2. play slower, huge maps more likely you can be spot from far off

            3. every game needs getting used 2

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              No offense to those who were good on BO2 and not so good on Ghosts, but with Ghosts, you have to be a smarter player. While a majority (in my opinion) on BO2 that were good were rushers who ran down one of 3 lanes on a map, since Ghosts maps are wide open with many lanes to exploit.


              Next, also, get it out of your head that this game is riddled with campers. You're giving yourself an excuse to lose. What many players call camping nowadays is really just players who use cover to move from area to area or are protecting one section of the map. Remember, these maps are huge and if a player(s) are able to secure an area, they cut the map off from their enemy, making it easier to kill their prey. After all, everyone knows how easy it is to shoot fish in a bucket. This is a smart tactic.


              Also, if you are running into an enemy who is legitimately camping (i.e. hiding in the back corner of the first spawn waiting for some poor soul to spawn or run by), stay away from them. Legitimate camping only works if the enemy team is stupid enough to keep going back. Ignore them and you essentially take a 6v6 match down to 6v5 match with you having the upperhand.


              Use communication! Communicate! Huffing and puffing because you got killed isn't going to help your team out. Call out the positions. Call out how many enemy players are nearby. Pay attention to where your teammates are. Be polite and keep your rage down. Raging only invites trolls to harass you more. Being a good teammate will also nab you invites from other players and possibly clans so that you don't play alone. Remember, COD is generally a team based game and playing alone puts you at a huge disadvantage. If the Seattle Seahawks played a football game against random football players who are not on a team, you can kinda guess who is going to be winning that game.


              I hope this helps you out some.

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                Slow down some and learn the commonly used vantage sights and counters to those sights.  Just like any other COD you need to know these points in order to be prepared to kill someone in them.  Also, take a moment to pause behind cover when you are checking out a common hiding spot.  If someone is there even if you can't see them they often will move just enough to catch your eye and you can gun them down rather easily.  Lastly, be sure to know where your cover is as you move around the map.  Don't run out into the middle of big open areas.  Dink and dunk your way across the maps and you'll fair much better.  As always taking flanking routes continues to work well.

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                  Which cod was your 1st cod?  If COD: Black Ops 2 was the 1st cod you played, then you will struggle. 3arc and the fakeward develop their games differently. Ghosts is like a cross between COD4 ( more emphasis on Gun play ) & MW2 ( Bigger/campy maps ). That's why this game sucks, compared to COD4 & MW2. Ghosts is not a bad game, it's actually a decent game when you play against people who actually want to play. It can also be down right frustrating when you're playing against people who refuse to move. That's the biggest problem w this game. MW2 was defensive and campy, but you still could move around and get kills. Ghosts is too defensive with too many places to hide w open lines of sight. I don't have a problem playing this game, will I match my previous kill total from a previous game? Probably, people die easier in this game than they did in Blops 1 or 2. Then again the Killstreaks don't reward you in the same manner than they did in previous titles.

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                    sounds like it's covered, but i'll reiterate: move slower. you can't rush on this game like you could the others, even on smaller maps. i still do for fun, but i barely go positive LOL. i can't help it.. i can't just SIT there match after match and creep around.


                    to be fair they made sniping much harder. i'll be DEAD ON an enemy player and full-on miss. the sniper rifles sway a lot, especially on full zoom. the recoil is pretty major. very hard to snipe but also very rewarding.


                    it's a different game. remember that and play that way. you'll be fine. i had to learn again.

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                      PurpFaded wrote:


                      Ok why do i suck so bad? But be nice... i really want to love this game but i keep getting killed by campers who know all the choke points. Yeah bo2 is riddled with campers but they never fair well. So why do they thrive? Huge maps? What can i do to improve going from a modest 1.00 kd in bo2 to .43 Kd in ghosts ?


                      This game requires you to move deliberately. There are many spots to "Camp". There are some maps that "Camping" is the smarter way to play because of the map size and the map terrain. Then there are other maps that running is more conducive in order to win. When I'm running I'll pre-fire almost every corner and I will sound whore like crazy. When I'm camping I make sure that I have the means to defend my position effectively and if it gets to hot…I'll move to another area.


                      Whether I am camping or running, my goal is to keep the enemy off balance enough so that my team and I can secure the win.

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                        You can run n gun on ghosts !  Been trying it all this week mtar with  rapid fire and grip. However I've spent a good 3 weeks learning the maps learning where the high traffic , choke points are, what tactics others use and most of all not giving a fig about kd. The difference between blops and ghosts is you need to THINK on ghosts, too many variables unlike blops where it was mainly a linear race track. This makes blops a little more fun but does it really make up for the constant lag,poor connections,head glitching,spawns/spawn killing boosters etc etc etc