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        10. Re: Choppy games / latency increase

        Tygrastic1 wrote:


        It has felt like there was a difference since last week.  My exact thoughts last night were that I have somehow digressed in skill the past few nights or the playerbase has significantly advanced their skill the past few nights.  Glad I am not the only one.


        Exactly this, my games have fallen, im going mostly (in TDM) par or a little above, but no where near what I was doing a few days past.

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          11. Re: Choppy games / latency increase

          Slowly...very, very slowly the game has picked up lag. I noticed the other day that I was being killed by someone who wasn't on my screen yet. I'm attributing this to the low player counts I've noticed and not being in parties with friends. When I'm with friends the game seems to run better. It's not unplayable nor is it even close to the lag I've experienced in Black Ops II (the worst ever) or MW3 (was pretty bad at second worse) so I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse.

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            12. Re: Choppy games / latency increase

            there's nobody on ps4.  that the majority of the issue probably.  the game has nos sound hlaf of the time for me so i hate this game, but it's the only cod there is on next gen.  jumped on that bandwagon too soon.   yay!!!!!

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              13. Re: Choppy games / latency increase

              I go back and forth between the two systems. I mostly play on the PS3 because that's where all my friend's play.

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                14. Re: Choppy games / latency increase

                Well considering im playing TDM with Aug (who lives in Ohio) and two others and had never experienced the latency that I have felt since the last TU is suspect. I hope like many times in the past it simply sorts it way through.

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                  15. Re: Choppy games / latency increase

                  They had good things going. I hope they don't screw it up.

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                    16. Re: Choppy games / latency increase


                    Ya on the f'd connection since TU! IW is allowing the peps with a third-world Interweb connection to beast. Unfortunately, the whole dedicated $erver thing didn't work out. In order to keep the Ivory Towers maintained, our good connections are the servers again...

                    i QOSed my connection last night and it helped immediately. Wireless with with a strict NAT plays better than wired, DMZ, open NAT???

                    As in MW3, we can look for them to correct the connection in another 5 or 6 months...

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                      17. Re: Choppy games / latency increase

                      My weekly KD is down by .50+ compared to previous weeks. This is a huge drop and I find it alarming. I'm struggling to hit my strides. I'm also getting killed by people who are not facing me on my screen. There was one guy running around and it seems like he OHK'd me with an AR and on my screen, he's on full-speed running motion. I don't know what happened.


                      There are also times when I feel like I'm milliseconds ahead and my enemies reaction times are really slow.


                      Something have changed in the last patch and I'm quite certain that they are not acknowledging it in the patch notes.


                      Btw, I also noticed that I'm getting paired with more people from Quebec. This hasn't happened since release and I rarely play against them. Now I'm getting them on a regular basis just like in BO2. People with QC on their clan tags and speaks French are from Quebec. I usually play with people from NJ, NY, and MI.


                      Skill based matchmaking is also noticeably stronger after the last patch. My theory is that the game is pulling people into lobbies who may be further apart from each other but have similar or close to similar skills. The further people are from each other in a lobby, the more lag there will be. Keep an eye on those people in your lobbies and you'll notice a stiffer competition than normal.

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                        18. Re: Choppy games / latency increase

                        Yes I am also experiencing this it's making me reconsider even touching the Season Pass. This game Officially has more lag then any online multiplayer game ever to exist.

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                          19. Re: Choppy games / latency increase

                          There is a article on this. I can't post link. But they said they trying to fix if. Its frame rate drop but stonehaven is the worst map. U can also go on tube and they posted videos on how the game drops. They having problems on all systems

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