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    Looking For Xbox 360 Clan

      Looking to join a Xbox 360 clan that are active on and off Clan Wars. My K/D is currently 1.76 and my W/L is at 1.93. I mostly play Domination, but work well in TDM and Search. For weakest game mode, it would have to be Cranked. I currently have no Prestige, as I made a new account, but I am a strong player if matched with people who use proper communication. I am also looking for a clan who is already in Platinum Division, and have a mature roster. I do not wish to join a clan that consists of 12 year old's playing their favorite dub-step mix in the background. I also do not wish to join a clan where I have to go to your website, sign up, and submit a request to your clan via the Call of Duty App. If you guys who love to have me message me on XBL. Thanks.


      GT: Miister Pwn (Remember 2 i's in Miister)

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          Re: Looking For Xbox 360 Clan

          Greetings!  Please consider the clan TwoKnucklesDeep  we are a Lvl 17 clan after only 2 Platinum clan wars.  We were very active in our wars and crushed the competition.  Both times we blew the competition away with triple the amount of points as the second place team!  We have just opted in for the upcoming diamond division.  We are very excited over the War Cry gear coming out for the Diamond division.  We live for clan wars!   We could really use a strong domination player, as that was one game type that we found difficult to hold onto.  I have sent you a clan invite through the app.  

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            Re: Looking For Xbox 360 Clan

            The Original GatB currently 25th in Diamond leader boards is currently recruiting for new 2nd clan. We are a competitive clan which will participate in all clan wars however we also like to have a good laugh. If you want to be part of a team which will communicate well together and are competitive join us today and help us build our clans to be the best

            mic required

            18+ only

            UK clan

            Active players needed


            interested MSG GatB DarrenUK or xOriGx DarrenUK on xbox 360

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