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    Cmon Infinity Ward. How hard is it to delete the obvious hackers on the leaderboards?

      First off, I love this game even thru all of its GLARING issues. I read the posts that are here daily and I see the anger and frustration that these issues are causing.


      One of the biggest complaints that I see is the game is not creating that incentive to keep playing that we come to expect in previous call of duties. What is the point in prestige symbols or custom camos, patches, uniforms.. when there are so many hackers in the game that by the time you do unlock something challenging your labeled a hack who went to a modded lobby?


      For those of us who are still around and trying to enjoy this game through all the issues it would be nice if just one aspect of this game was secure or "legit". It would be really nice to look at my rank on the leaderboard and not see 3,000+ people above me with numbers that a monkey could see are HACKED.


      To put in perspective, I'm ranked 6100 all time in FFA with just about 30,000 kills/10,000 deaths. I check the leader board to see how many kills I need to break in to 5k rank and I'm surrounded by players who have similar score and only a couple hundred kills in FFA. As I scroll up its 50-75% BLATANT HACKERS.. same thing only handful of kills but the score just gets higher.


      Infinity Ward. are you short on staff or just don't give a **** that every aspect of your game is overrun with these scumbags? We are talking stats that naval lint could see are WRONG. Now you guys made the game, I expect you guys to have a good grasp on what is impossible and what needs to maybe be investigated. How bout you start today by quickly deleting the insanely obvious ranks on the leaderboard. I'm talking the ones that don't need further investigation.


      Because at the rate this game is going you'll continue losing all the serious players who have tried to stick around and find enjoyment from this game while waiting desperately for some fixes from your end.

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          Re: Cmon Infinity Ward. How hard is it to delete the obvious hackers on the leaderboards?

          I had this topic posted a while ago for MW3. All I got was crickets..
          Like you, I play mostly FFA and I fall into the top 8K. I don't see a reason not to put out a dedicated team (or just an individual) to sort out the leaderboard for a competitive game like COD. I know them modders get their names eventually but a simple script would be enough to clear it out hourly or in some interval. You should check the leaderboards in PS3, the top guys been sitting on top for god knows when with 11 kills or something.

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              Re: Cmon Infinity Ward. How hard is it to delete the obvious hackers on the leaderboards?

              I more or less agree about this.Though i will confirm one thing.


              IW does not care about the stats on the leaderboard.If they did care even a little bit the leaderboards would be clean.It doesn't take a whole lot of effort.They have direct access to the servers that the data is stored on.


              So if they wanted to remove them from the leaderboards they would have.They are simply too bothered with making their next game to care.Even though it would only take a couple of staff members about a few hours to remove them all from the leaderboards.


              Like you said that it literally is a braindead task figuring which is real and fake.It's just too freaking obvious.Like in extinction PoC.The top 1,503 players in escapes for PoC are hacked.They are blatantly obvious.One game in extinction i came across a couple of guys who made their gamertag say XBOX LIVE ADMIN in a rainbow color setting and then were changing it on demand (i simply laughed and left lol).That's how easy it is to hack the game.Quite pathetic.I have seen better anti-cheat measures in free to download and play games on PC.


              The fact a multi-billion dollar developer company cannot manage to obtain or manage a better anti-cheat system than a freebee on PC is pitiful,lazy, and absurd.

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              Re: Cmon Infinity Ward. How hard is it to delete the obvious hackers on the leaderboards?

              The leaderboard hacks have been a problem for years through many versions of the COD/MW/BO titles. Activision doesn't seem to care. It would be very easy to write an algorithm to logic test the scores.

              I can think of only 2 reasons why they don't:

              They are cheap, and don't want to spend any money fixing problems.


              There are problems with the accuracy of the leaderboard database to begin with and they are unable to "clean" it without harming legitimate players. (There scores are corrupt through no fault of their own.


              On a related note:

              I am showing as UNRANKED in many game modes I know for a fact I have played, especially during the recent Clan War. They also have removed the ability to filter the leaderboards by Hardcore on/off. I suspect the leaderboard database is corrupt or inaccurate.

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                Re: Cmon Infinity Ward. How hard is it to delete the obvious hackers on the leaderboards?

                I've never been much of a leader board follower, but it does seem kind of silly that players are blatantly hacking, yet their still able to play and haven't been banned. I did just take a look at the ffa leader board like you mentioned and it's full of them. Maybe if IW was more strict on the blatant players it was reduce it overall, but if you're getting away with it, it's going to continue.

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                  Re: Cmon Infinity Ward. How hard is it to delete the obvious hackers on the leaderboards?

                  It's really pathetic when they can't even do the seemingly simple stuff. I don't see how they want this game to be taken seriously as anything competitive when they let such blatant things ruin their rankings. It's no wonder MLG players look at CoD as a joke.

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                      Re: Cmon Infinity Ward. How hard is it to delete the obvious hackers on the leaderboards?

                      I was playing FFA yesterday and I ran across a name I had seen on youtube in the past. I don't want to name names here as I'm not sure if its allowed even if its in praise.


                      So after the game I looked at their profile and sure enough it was the guy from youtube/twitch. Their profile was very interesting, they claimed to be ranked #4 in world on FFA on xbox 360 and they stated in their bio they had created their own leaderboard for FFA with the real ranks.. hacked stats excluded. He said to message him for your true rank. He also had created a clan for the top FFA players.


                      I thought this was a really great thing to see someone take the initiative they did. For those of us who enjoy this game and want to take it serious it was a welcome sight. I friend requested them and waiting to hear back...

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