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    Ghost Xbox One Server Error

      Randomly been having trouble when trying to connect for multiplayer. Keep getting

      "The Call of Duty: Ghosts server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/ghosts/status for updates". Would really like to know when Activision plans on fixing their crap servers, and before you ask me have you done this or that the problem isn't on my side. Yes I've restarted my router, made sure settings were correct, tried both wired and wireless connection, power cycling the xbox. I mean it took me 2 hours of just trying to connect online til it finally connected and that was on a good day... like i said this happens randomly some days no problem at all. Fix your **** Activision... I open the floor to answers, or to somewhat angry people like me.

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          Re: Ghost Xbox One Server Error

          G'day Spazzboy,

                 No one likes to get the Servers unavailable message. If you don't mind I'd like to check a couple of things with you. First off - what is your Nat type saying in the Network settings of your console / also the Nat type that you see in-game.  Could you please tell me if you have configured your router in any way for the console.


          Do you use uPnp, Port Forwarding, or have you placed the console into the DMZ on your router?

          Also - Have you given your console a Static IP address?

          Lastly, do you have more than one console hooked up to your internet?

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            Re: Ghost Xbox One Server Error

            I have this issue but mine is even worse, i haven't been able to get on at all the last 2 days even after 2 hours+ trying.

            I have tried every single suggestion that anyone has come up with and even contacted my ISP who says my connection is fine. I have pretty crappy upload speed but i have had that for almost 2 years now and it has never stopped me on any othe console or game, and i had 4x 360's on at the same time in my house with Blops2 and MW3 without any issues.

            One point is that mine was working perfectly fine until the DLC and 2 updates recently, now i have only managed to connect 4x since DLC day and i tried every day.

            Things i've tried that did not help at all so save your time:

            • Restart Xbox(hard and soft)
            • Restart router
            • open ports or place in DMZ
            • Connect directly to router with no other items connected
            • Wired and Wireless
            • Contacted ISP
            • Different router (totally different brand)
            • Static IP and DHCP reservation
            • UPNP on and off

            I have Open Nat all of the time but still no connection. Once it does connect it's perfectly fine all night until i turn of the xbox and try again next day.

            All of my other games work perfectly fine.

            I only have 1 XBone and my kids haven't used their 360's for some time now.

            Basicly it's the game that's broken and if you google there are many people with the same issues, and no official support from MS or Activision.

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                Re: Ghost Xbox One Server Error


                Could not connect at all for 4 days until yesterday evening.

                This is how i managed to connect twice yesterday:

                • Added my sons profile to my XB1
                • Logged my profile out
                • Logged his profile in
                • Joined online game first time!
                • Logged him out and logged my account back in
                • Joined online game first time.

                I quit the game (exit to dashboard press "menu" button, select quit game) then restarted the game and tried to play online again with my account.... no connection to servers!!

                So I did the above again and it worked perfect first time.

                Don't know if this will help anyone but may explain whats going on to those who are trying to solve the issue.

                Gonna try same again today.

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                Re: Ghost Xbox One Server Error


                I've been doing research to, which is why I'm sure it's Activisions servers fault.

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                  Re: Ghost Xbox One Server Error

                  I am also having this issue  .. and checked status and its says everything is operational  zoo i don't see why its not connecting

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                    Re: Ghost Xbox One Server Error

                    Greetings Spazzboy27,


                    Thank you for posting your concerns!

                    Can you please let me know since when you have been unable to connect? For a few days the XBL server was under maintenance so this affected some users: Xbox Live Service Status - Xbox.com. Also, can you post on a link your speedtest.net?




                    ATVI Support

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                      Re: Ghost Xbox One Server Error

                      Idk how to do any of that and im having the same problem

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                        Re: Ghost Xbox One Server Error

                        I get that a lot, its reassuring to hear its them and not us. I usually just dashboard and try again and it works .

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