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    Clan wars ranking system..

      Why can't you add clan wars ranking system with ladders and xp like in Black Ops 2. That Clan vs. clan-system is awful when there is bunch of noobs running around on their own flag, seriously why can't you ever think this kind of stuff to the end??? I'm glad you listened us but.. this **** is way too unfinished.. it's like playing pubs with "eSports rules", there is no silent plant or defuse, ghillie suit isn't restricted, there is nothing to play for. You think this will help players to develope to better players? Hell no. Without the WHOLE RANKING SYSTEM, this is just one crappy update without any sense. DO SOMETHING, LISTEN TO US, AND DON'T DO STUPID THINGS WITHOUT US ASKING FOR IT. Ffs, if you would be able to listen to your fans better and take examples for companies like Treyarch, this game would be much better. None of you are not interested in competitive Call of Duty, and that's why this game is right now bullsh*t. You don't listen to your fanbase, we asked league play before the game even got released and you added a half of it 3 months after the release. Treyarch banned weapons in league play after every fudging event if pro players asked for it, why wont you do the same?????? ALSO A PROBATION FROM QUITTING WOULD BE APPRECIATED.


      Just my opinion, but I guess I can a lot of other players can agree with me.