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    [dPix] dPenetration Clan Recruiting [Level 13][PS3/PS4/PC/360/One] (Diamond Division)

      dPenetration Clan was formed in 2012 on Battlefield 3, we won multiple Tournaments in Battlefield 3 lifetime and now we moved to Call of Duty Ghosts.


      We are looking for active players , with a headset and with a good comunication.


      Clan KD 1.3

      Your KD dosen`t matter will improve with us.


      We are curently in Diamond Division and we would love that you soldier will be in our team for great unlocks and good games


      For those who are interested PM Theaser88 on PSN or NFS_IRT_SMUGGLER  , for those who have a PC/XBOX360/ONE/PS4 search for dPenetration clan over the application and apply for the clan.


      Our Song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=571BuZeeQjE


      Clan : http://i.imgur.com/CQ1tUVE.jpg


      A gameplay of our clan : Call Of Duty : Ghosts [KEM FAIL ] ... - YouTube