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    Clan searching

      Have been in several clans in Ghosts so far, but seems the clans arent as active as I play. Looking for a clan that wants to have fun,yet keep that kd up. Let me know if you are a dedicated clan that I can be a part of!

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          Re: Clan searching

          contact me on PSN : NFS_IRT_SMUGGLER

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            Re: Clan searching



            We have a xbox 360 part of our clan (mainly PS3) -    Team_Radical


            HoGsHaVen88 - team leader


            we just had a clan merge with us -- over 77 members


            you can apply via the phone app



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              Re: Clan searching

              Dark Apocalypse Gaming is now looking for new players to come and be a part of our gaming family. Our current roster consists of players around the world. If you are looking for a competitive but friendly environment then you have found the right place.

              -- A brief history of our clan --


              Dark Apocalypse Gaming is a very close group of gaming fanatics that came together in the Spring of 2011. The founders of the clan have been playing together for almost 5 years now and wanted to create the ultimate atmosphere for gamers with the same passion. We mostly play the CoD series but we love gaming in general. We want to provide a place for others who are like-minded to be able to hang out, have fun, and talk about Call of Duty or any game related topics. For some it’s a place to escape. We are an 18+ clan with a wide variety of ages groups. We are a no drama no bullshit clan. We do not allow hacking cheating or even glitching… “*****, Aint nobody got time for that!”


              -- What you can expect from our clan --


              If you decide to give us a try you can expect a fair evaluation from our Initiation Officers and Leaders. We feel we cannot get a good grasp on you as a personality as well as a gamer by just letting you in. You will be in the evaluation period for a MINIMUM of 10 Days.


              We also have many things going on around the clock within our organization. When applying you can expect to see these things for you upon acceptance.


              Full time activity in Clan Wars (currently in Gold division)

              Fun Lobbies

              24/7 Activity

              Mature Gamers

              Family Environment


              And last but not least, the most fun you'll ever have in online gaming!

              http://www.facebook.com/dagclan Follow us on Facebook

              http://www.twitter.com/_dagclan Twitter

              http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkApocalypseGaming Youtube Channel


              -- What we expect from you, the recruit --


              We expect maturity at all times, whether it be in game or on the forum. We do not tolerate drama and do not tolerate immaturity of any nature. Of course we all have fun and make jokes, but immaturity is a major turn-off in any aspect of the world. We also have a fully functional forum at your disposal. We expect that you remain an integral part of this experience as it helps grow relationships with your fellow future clan members. We love to hear your opinion on any matter, and this is a great way to do so. We want your input!!!


              We sincerely hope you consider applying to be in our clan. Just remember, if you want to have the most fun in online-gaming, join Dark Apocalypse Gaming today!! Please visit the below link now to signup and start your evals!






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                Re: Clan searching

                Hit me up on xbl....RoC x Phil 21...gotta clan for u...thanks

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                  Re: Clan searching

                  Sorry to all that have posted. I havent been able to check the forums. To all that have replied,do any of you play alot of search?

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                    Re: Clan searching

                    My clan is always active. clan k/d is a 1.4 and w/l is a 60%. if you have any question or would like to join message me on xbox my gamer tag is Corruptrix

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                      Re: Clan searching


                      24, 2014 4:14 PM

                      NVZN Greatness is a PS3 clan ranked level 23 that has won 4 Platinum Division Clan Wars. We won our 1st Diamond Division Clan Wars. We win nearly every game (Clan win % 74%). We're friends, gamer's & people who care about one another.


                      NVZN clan requires the following...


                      • ACTIVE player who plays daily for a few hours each day AT MINIMUM.
                      • MUST COMMIT to be active during Clan Wars 48 hours prior to start (otherwise will be temporarily REMOVED from clan roster for duration of the Clan War).
                      • MUST HAVE HEADSET/MIC. You're not a serious player if you don't have this.
                      • Must have DLC or Season Pass
                      • We have a Facebook clan page. We encourage clan members to join it for news & updates.
                      • Communicate w/ clan. Once a member joins we provide each others phone contact for texting to coordinate w/ one another when each other might be online(very beneficial during Clan Wars as well).
                      • Solid player in both KD, Objective play style (when needed) & diverse gamer who enjoys most/all game modes!
                      • Be respectful of one another & their play style, we're a diverse group of ethnicity, gender & personalities!


                      If interested message me on this thread OR...

                      PSN at user ID...

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                        Re: Clan searching

                        I play a lot of S&R GT: TheRealKingT3PO

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