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    (PS4) - ALKO Gaming - Platinum Level 20 Clan Recruitment

      ALKO Gaming is currently looking for 3-5 players to join for our next clan war. We have trimmed our roster of the dead weight. We will be participating in the next clan war with under 30 clan members. Our goal is to opt into Diamond Division once we have a solid clan base. If you wish to join and meet the following requirements, please respond to this message with your PSN and stats.



      • Have over 100 hours of game play
      • Have over a 1.00 KD
      • Able to play 3 hours+ a day during clan wars
      • Have the COD Ghost app downloaded and know how to use it
      • Able to play anywhere between 2pm - 1am CDT



      If you meet these requirements, we will add you to the clan and test your skills with the rest of the clan. We are social but competitive. We have won 2 clan wars and placed in all the others. Below are the stats for the clan.



      • 1.87 Clan KD
      • 72% Win Percentage
      • Level 20 Clan