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    Dear IW

      I am so sick of getting powned in Ghosts by all these uber powerful weapons. Will you please nerf everything except for the ARX(The gun I use)? The ARs are OP. The SMGs are OP. The Snipers are OP and UP at the same time. The LMGs are OP. Even though I have only been killed by a riot shield twice it is still OP so please nerf that too. The guard dog is super OP.I know you already nerfed IEDs but they still kill me sometimes so they need a nerf too. If you don't do this I will never buy another one of your products again

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          I'd say remove all guns and lethal equipment, and give us big fluffy pillows to hit each other with...Call of Duty 8: Lethal Sleep-Over! 

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            This post reeks of sarcasm and ill intent. Making jabs at other users complaints on this forum is not appropriate. Locking thread. Read the Community Etiquette Guidelines and avoid posting snark in the future. It doesn't translate well here and is not suitable for constructive discussion.


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