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    Tactical Leaders is looking for members (ps3)

      hello Tactical Leaders or TL1 a ps3 clan is looking for members. I made the clan after getting tied of no one working to gather or talking. I am looking for active players who like to work togather to win. u have to have a mic u don't have to talk but u have to be able to listen I don't care what ur k/d is. all that matters is that u are active u have the app and u want to work together to win. I am looking for the core members to help me put this clan together and make a name in cod ghost. if u feel like u would want to a core member to get the clan going message me on psn my name is lilmiked575 or apply on the app or if u feel like u would just want to be part of the team feel free to join or message me. having fun is important but winning is the goal.

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