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      NBGaming is a clan that takes pride in being a smaller clan focusing more on working together and relying on skill rather than numbers.


            We will be approaching the upcoming clan wars with strategy to win rather than bulking our numbers hoping someone picks up the slack of the non-active members.


           Recruiting will without a doubt be closing before too long as we do not want to grow too large too fast reducing our effectiveness as a small but well trained team in strategy and technique.


           There will be awards and drawings within the clans allowing our members to be recognized for their hardwork and dedication after winning clan wars.




           We do however have some requirements for joining.

               - Age 17+

                - Must have a mic

                - K/D 1.00 or higher

                - Must be willing to work as a team.


           So if your tired of the lack of organization and teamwork found in most of your CoD Clans Add myself (BAMFukah12) or  my Co-Leader (Killergaints) and apply to join our ranks.