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    Modding in MW3, BO2 & Ghosts

      Hello to everyone out there in the Call of Duty universe, there is something I need to find out ASAP! OK so I'm the Clan Commander for a Clan on Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2 & Ghosts. My Clan is pretty active and with Clan Wars on Ghosts I've had to start recruiting more members. Some members have been banned from Ghosts recently for hacking. I understand completely why these bans are in place and I agree that players who have modded or hacked should not be able to play! I've had to kick 3 members from my Clan on Ghosts because of there lust or greed or stupidity which I have no problem doing. Now I have this member in my Ghosts Clan who hasn't modded or hacked Ghosts. Last night I was talking to him and It came up in conversation that he has modded the MW3 campaign, which my response was why the ****. He knows how much I'm against exploiting he has in many party chats where I haven spoken to many of my Clan members  about the whole glitched purple, green, blue etc Clan Tags and how I think its so wrong that all of my Clan puts in so much time and dedication into to the Ghosts Clan busting our asses trying to level up to 25 to unlock the LEGIT red Clan Tag when other Clans are running around with a purple tag. So he asked me if he can be in the MW3 BO2 Elite Clan.. Knowing he has modded the campaign is making me very worried, I don't know what would happen if I let him in. I've looked everywhere for info on this subject but I haven't found the info I need. Can someone please help me. This is torturing me. PLEASE REPLY IF YOU CAN