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    What about FOV Changer? plz answer

      there is no chance for me to play ghost without fov.Can some1 tell me if this is going to lead me to ban? im  going to use anyway and i hope not get ban for this. Is there any chance in future to see a fov changer option at in game menu?

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          Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

          Not sure if they will ban anyone for using fov, but they're working on an offical one, here's the link


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            Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

            One of our leaders in our Clan found this Tweet by IW - Twitter / InfinityWard: Update re: PC bans - Any players ... last night before our meeting stating that you can now be banned using any third-party app including a FoV Changer.



            1. I cannot play without a FoV Changer
            2. There is no built-in FoV Changer - Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts
            3. I will not risk a Ban therefore I and most of my Clan are quitting Ghosts, and after speaking to many Steam Friends they too are quitting Ghosts until there is an approved or built-in FoV Changer.
            4. In retaliation Hackers apparently last night were going all out DBags using Auto-Fire + Auto-Aim


            IW is managed by morons it's clear now; all they had to do was integrate a FoV Changer into their game and then Ban all third-party apps including FoV Apps. Watch your abysmally low numbers drop-off into nothing and your game is now completely dead before DLC 1.



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              Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

              Screw it... not playing this game if I can't use the FOV changer that was previously said to be OK: [Removed by Moderator]


              I get sick, headaches and have nausea. Since there is no time frame on FOV release I'll be playing other games and there are new games coming out in March so possibly abandon this game altogether.


              The FOV changer app on mapmodnews.com seems pretty simple and lightweight. I just don't see why they the DEVS don't quickly add it to the game and put out a small patch with this feature. Do they think we are going to sit and wait for this? they are sadly mistaken. They need to let us use the FOV changer until they add it in game, it's more than a reasonable request.


              I bet it has something to do with the VAC system being turned on so great move Froto T Baggins now we have anticheat (possibly but not totally confirmed yet) but no one will play your damn game because they get sick from 65 fov.


              Lastly, NO I didn't buy any DLC and do not plan to until they get their crap together for the aforementioned issues.

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                Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                Well after reading the posts about FOV and possible getting band for using it I think

                this game just sucks .I am sorry but there is no other word I could put.

                No fix's

                No Support

                A Total Disregard for there customer Base and if you are working on fix's try telling us

                you may get some respected but as it stands . 

                I would not let Infinity ward Run a Bath let alone a software company.

                Because over the years Call of duty as been so addictive they should pay for rehab

                so I can learn to play something else. Well maybe Titanfall can fix this issue .

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                  Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                  So long!

                  If you can't play without a FOV changer you seriously can't be any good at the game anyhow.


                  Are you sure the reason your not playing anymore is because your cheats are now bannable along with the FOV changer?


                  "Oh it's the fov changer is making me suck this bad (or play this well)" either way it sounds like a bs story that the FOV changer makes anyone's game unplayable. Just remove it and play like (THE REST OF US). Suddenly your going to get owned without a FOV changer? (No) that would only occur if they removed the cheats you were using. Your not going to have a noticible downgrade in skill or k/d because you don't have a FOV changer. What's the problem? you can't hear the footsteps anymore and arent such a uav whore anymore because they took away that extra 25degree sliver to your screens field of view?


                  I'm not buying it that FOV changer makes you quit the game!

                  sounds like a cop out because you can't cheat anymore (everyone will notice your 1/100th the player you were a few days ago)

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                      Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                      u are **** I play on a ASUS VG278HE  Monitor fov at 65 gave me  headaches and made me sick mr_pistolero .. is just a kid so sad . and that is ok  I can still play with my gameplus on my Monitor with new crosshairs.lol

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                            Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                            You are exposing not a little ignorance of this very real effect whereby the perceived perspective is unrealistic given the distance from the monitor and the field of view being quite narrow. The optimal 'FOV' for a 16:9 monitor with the sitter 2 or 3 feet away is in the order of 80-90 on the horizontal and to make mockery of the very real effects of dizziness and nausea which can result from a narrow field of view is quite poor behaviour in my opinion.

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                              Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                              Mr_Pistolero wrote:


                              It makes you sick? how long have you been gaming? how does looking at a screen and gaming make you sick?

                              You can't be that good if something within the game makes you sick. Maybe video gaming isn't for you if certain things about it get you sick.


                              Though it is funny your here acting like I'm the kid but your here trying to sell that (grown up) i guess (talanted gamers) like yourself get sick without a FOV changer.? lol


                              Is this the new thing? Everyone gets sick without a FOV changer? LMAO. (IW!! I'm sick I need FOV changer!!) ROFL!!


                              LMAO! Are you reading impaired? A FoV up until yesterday was fine to use, most FPS games aren't Console pure ports like Ghosts and have a FoV of 90 and many 120, a frigging FoV of 65 is like taking a Fishbowl and throwing it on your head.


                              Anyone with half a brain @ IW should have incorporated a FoV Slider and then....banned any third party app including a FoV changer. To be clear, I only used MapMods' FoV Changer and not one of the others with a FPS unlocker which were not approved. So the day a FoV Slider is part of the game (90 degrees or more) then that's the day I'll return.


                              The players complaining about a FoV are those that keep up with and follow the rules and don't cheat! They don't want to be banned!


                              The absence of a FoV Slider since day one enraged a huge percentage of the Ghosts player base not to mention the Alpha like (buggier than hell) release; hell it wasn't until Patch #3 SLI was working not to mention Patch #4~#5 before CF was half baked fixed.


                              A FoV of 65 makes most people sick because they have to move their 'head' around so damn much just to see their surroundings, and in doing so there's too much motion. Now Campers / Corner Campers pff even those guys want a wider FoV.


                              Humans have ~180 FoV so this completely unnatural state throws-off many people's equilibrium.


                              A Cheat (Hack) has absolutely NOTHING in common with a FoV - zip! Pff there are just as many Hackers playing right this minute and some of them now switched to Auto-Fire Aimbots.

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                                  Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                                  Couldn't agree more! All the games I have gotten nauseous from had low FOV. Another game for example is Dead Island. It's default FOV is 60 and upon game release everyone said "cool game but it makes me sick so I'm not playing it". a programmer made this nifty little ute: Playwrite: Dead Island Helper: Automatically improve performance and apply tweaks without having to edit files Now everyone can play without feeling like they are going to puke.


                                  80 is my minimum FOV I can play any game at without getting sick, however I prefer 90 to 100.


                                  I'm wondering if the 65 FOV was done for ghosts for rendering reasons such as rendering less for the GPU and hoping it makes smoother game play since there is less on the screen... just a thought.


                                  Unfortunately for IW my PC blows every console purchasable today out of the water so I don't need limitations like this... oh yeah and I forgot to mention 65 FOV or less it makes me FREAKIN SICK!!!


                                  In the field of psychology they did experiments with getting people to change behaviors or certain choices by having the person feel nauseous with certain stimuli. In harsher methods to fight addiction they laced cigarettes with a chemical to make people sick. After a while the persons brain associates smoking with feeling sick so the person was able to actually quit smoking and never wanting a cigarette again.


                                  Going by the above model, people more than likely will not only stop playing this game but very well could associate the company too with making products that make them feel nauseous impacting future sales. Maybe activision should have their analysts look at that angle

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                            Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                            There is a Valid point Raised PC Monitors need a FOV to avoid Head aches so on Health grounds this is needed

                            Now this was passed for the Xbox and PS so why not PC

                            Well if this is Activisions attempts to get pc users to leave in favor of Xbox errrrr No we don't want outdated tec thank you

                            Titanfall was helped by two X COD Game developers that left IW

                            My i also point out BF4 gas No hackers No Lag and a Phone App that works as well all in all a better Game

                            So For starters Titanfall has a Heads up even before it starts

                            Cod has been at this the same Time as others but they have got worse

                            They have admitted that Ghost sold less the Black ops

                            Now i wonder why that is ???



                            and No support

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                              Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                              Its time the PC gaming community realised that developers don't care about the online community

                              we are an annoyance to them and the only reason they give us the crumbs from the table is because we buy the game for our kids on consoles.

                              There will be no dedis  just like fov it might come but far to late, there are now so few people playing that it doesn't matter.

                              Titanfall 6v6 sold as best experience, what rot its because you are not getting dedis so it works for their match up system

                              how much longer are you all going to be conned into believing they give a stuff

                              COD4 was the last real game aimed at serious mature  gamers and there are probably more hackers buying the game than those who don't

                              take your energy elsewhere cause this shower don't care

                              I have been gaming since the ZX81 so have some experience and watching the demise of what was a phenomenal community who policed and ran games for true honest gamers is so so sad and when the community develop a FOV changer who gets banned not the hackers!!!.

                              You only have to look at the people still playing COD4 and go on a well managed server to see what has been lost

                              What I cant understand is why server providers have been so quiet about the loss of business.

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                                  Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                                  True on all of that. Gaming is not what it used to be. Ah...the good old days. There were demos for almost every game that were getting out. Now we can't even get a Beta from these crooks because they know damn well that their game is not a quality product and that after playing a Beta like this, we will NOT buy it. They prefer to lure us with big announcement and pumping their chest with all kind of false advertisement then go silent on every request we have for why they didn't include this or that in the game.


                                  Bunch of thieves.

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                                  Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                                  It is pretty common when a new anti cheat releases to see "Clans" "Squads" and the not so common legit players who yearn for repairs to "Quit until it is fixed".


                                  Just saying it is funny how when anti cheats release you see mugs leave until there is hacks back to circumvent the anti cheat.

                                  for FOV? your serious?  I call bull, i would love to have an FOV bar in game as well but from my experience so far with this pile, there are much worse things that NEED to be addressed ASAP.   As in Audio File Exploiting, Performance issues up the yang, Dead Silence and Amplify being whored by every hacker there is which should tell the franchise something about the game....


                                  I am sure they have a stat recorder on the usage of this game and see whats being overly used and adjust... it is taking them to long.  A bigger issue is with the kits available in this game and performance issues you can hardly tell who is really hacking and who is not, besides the truely overgrossed obvious ones.

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                                    Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                                    Tried with default fov after hearing all this drama and it really is unplayable. Will still use mapmods, even with the warning till, and if, I'm banned. People that care may not wish to be so gungho.

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                                        Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                                        Listen I could not play until the SLI problem (Epileptic inducing Strobing/Stuttering) was fixed (Patch #3) and many with CF (Patch #4~#5) and the last thing I want or can have on my Steam account is a VAC Ban over some stupid ass decision over a FoV Changer; brains would have been to incorporate a FoV Slider in-game and .... then ban all 3rd part apps including a FoV Changer.


                                        No crap this POS game is unplayable, pff I played 3-4 games and I am done until it's brought back.


                                        Absolute Morons! Day 1 til Today, it's one F'up after another.

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                                        Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                                        ty all for replies i m going to remove fov and im going to w8  for incoming update with fov changer in game. i hope this is going to happen soon

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                                            Re: What about FOV Changer? plz answer

                                            Personally I'm skipping Windows 8 entirely and I'll consider 'Windows 9.' Windows 8 is fine for any touchscreen device and quite frankly that's about it. I've purchased keys for every PC and I have no plans to install. We test with Windows 8 at my office and there's too many bugs and oddities for everyday and in particular gaming use. Try a dual boot!

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