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    3months w/o playing, and now hackers everywhere?!

      Hi there,


      I did not play this game for 3 months, 

      I came back few days ago and i'm rly disapointed by the amount of OBVIOUS cheaters in lobbies. For example, I played full hackers teams several times and each player had multiple VAC bans.

      Wtf are u doing admins ? I expected this game would be free of hackers since Ghosts is realesed.. but it looks like you do not check about cheaters anymore and the amount of hackers increased a lot.


      Here some examples:


      Cheater team : Steam Community :: Group :: Incredible Destruction


      Steam Community :: iD' Anime <3 (this one is proud to show his 6.15 ratio K/D close to his 3 VAC bans on his profile -_- )

      Steam Community :: iD' DiVide

      Steam Community :: iD' HiiGH

      Steam Community :: iD' EXtReME

      Steam Community :: iD' 150k

      Steam Community :: iD' Craankyy

      Steam Community :: iD' Newbie

      Steam Community :: iD' Ev0LuTioN

      and so on..


      Another obivious hacker i just played few mins ago:

      autoaim + wh (4.15 ratio K/D + 2 vacbans):

      Steam Community :: AAH TecciFlow



      The worst is most of those players have 1000+ hours in multi, they are reported in every games but they are not banned.. that's crap..


      So, what the **** are you doing?! Looks like TAC is easily bypassed right now.. Need to improve your anti cheat system or manually check at obvious cheaters.. ty..