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    Just the beginning? (theory)

      Ok, so on the forums someone pointed out that during the Origins ending cutscene the moon in the back round was eclipsing. That got me thinking. So in Der Riese the moon was eclipsed right? Where Sam and Eddie are at feels Der Riese-esc right? Maybe this is the actual start of the outbreak at Der Riese?

      Now what I think is Treyarch is using lots of foreshadowing. They did it with the giants in France and being teleported to Sam room in Kino.

      I think they might have done it in Moon During the Easter Egg, with Sam talking about there being something else in there with her. Now, I've seen people say that this means nothing. It was just for effect. Well we thought this with Sam's room in Kino and looked what happened! Maybe there IS something in there with her letting her bring her "game" of zombies to life.I don't know though. Its just a theory. I guess we'll have to wait for the next Treyarch game to find out.

      Let me know if you agree or disagree. (This is my first forum post and I'd like to get some feedback. Thanks, its greatly appreciated!)

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          I dont get how the O4 is young in origins and then older in the other maps, that would mean that they have been surviving the outbreak for many, many years, Origins just makes no sense

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              In my opinion, I don't think origins is real. I think it is the only map that is a game/ a dream. What is confusing though is if it is, were the crews so famous that figures were made of them. ( shown in the origins ending cutscene) I don't really know though. Treyarch has made it so confusing. Hopefully it all gets cleared in the next game.

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                It's most likely that the outbreak was covered up by either the US, Japan or Russia if we're not gonna go with the ending. Just like how everything seemed normal until the O4 came to Kino in 1960 or so I think/

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                Something I noticed was the loading screen. You know how mob of the dead had a loading screen that had nothing to do with the comic? Origins' loading screen was similar to that. Also Mob of the Dead wasn't apart of the storyline, maybe origins is like that too? People will say that Tranzit's was like that too but the picture of the bus depot from the loading screen actually appears in the comic. Once again just a theory. I guess we'll have to wait for Treyarch/Trollarch.

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                  I think the moon eclipse is a sign of Argatha. The Moon on Der Riese was probably a real eclipse, but it might also symbolize Argatha since Maxis was trying to reach that dimension with his experiments. The next time Argatha is a big part of a map is on Shangri La, which is supposed to be a gateway to there. I think when the eclipse is triggered on the map, its not us going back in time to help Brock and Gary. Its really us entering Argatha and helping them while they are trapped there. They are reliving a loop over and over like the MotD crew. Even after we help them, they still didn't break the cycle cause their loop begins again. But the eclipse seemed like a sign we might have been in Argatha. Same for Origins. Sam keeps talking about opening the gateways to Argatha. Then when we finally do, we see the eclipse in the background again.


                  But while the ending cutscene might be in Argatha, the map of Origins might actually be in the Aether. Same as the MotD map. Both maps are filled with afterlife and god themes and both have a hellish setting with all the dead bodies on display. They are trapped there reliving the map over and over. At some point after Moon they might have died. Origins could be the ending if Maxis wins. He takes Sam to Argatha and even keeps a child version of Richtofen, who he talks about like a son he never had in some of the messages.  Then the others are stuck in the Aether, in a place Sam controls and plays with. Origins is her form of hell, with images of World Wars and Giants, like she heard about growing up. And Richtofen gets there after the others, since in the opening cutscene he looks more confused then the rest, as if he just arrived. So he dies when Maxis takes over on Buried and then gets stuck there with his old crew. Then Sam plans on using them to help her get out of Argatha and restore Earth. So the map ends with us reaching Argatha, which could be why the sirens are going off. Like we are invading Maxis' perfect place he has made for himself. And perhaps if we help Sam, she can fix the rift or bring the Earth back somehow since Argatha and the "ancients" technology seem to have infinite power in the Earth dimension.


                  If the Aether and Argatha have been bigger parts of the story then we think, here is a timeline that could show events between the 3 dimensions. But its all speculation.