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    Recruiting for JinX Clan!

      Recruiting for JinX clan!


      Clan Name: JinX


      Clan Roster:


      1. JinX Alpha (Occupied by Me :D)
      2. JinX Bravo (Open)
      3. JinX Charlie (Open)
      4. JinX Delta (Open)


      Our Strategy:


      Search and Destroy: Planting: Rush for Bomb. Alpha and Bravo rush A, Charlie and Delta rush B. whoever has bomb plant at current bomb site. everyone rushes to defend bomb site.
      Search and Destroy: Defending: Alpha and Bravo defend A, Charlie and Delta defend B. Everyone rush to wherever bomb has been planted. Clear area, then defuse.
      Blitz: Alpha and Bravo rush to capture enemy portal, Charlie and Delta defend home portal.
      Domination: Delta captures home flag and stays to defend. Everyone else moves up to capture B. When B is captured, Charlie defends B. Alpha and Bravo capture enemy flag. Once enemy flag is captured, Alpha repeatedly runs though flags in order while Bravo defends enemy flag.
      *Note: When defending, one player defends a certain chokepoint while the other (or another) defends a different choke point, covering more ground. Don't forget to use cover to your advantage.




      JinX Alpha: My setup. (Full-on rusher) (I'm going to use the Bizon)
      JinX Bravo: A solid rushing class. Good for rushing to flags or bombs in last minute. SMG setup (Something like the MTAR or Vector) with mainly rushing focus. Make sure this class can also play a semi-defensive roll.
      JinX Charlie: Mainly defense, use assault rifles like the SC-2010, but is good at quick movement when in a sticky situation. Mainly defensive, but can rush when needed.
      JinX Delta: Full-on defense. This class needs the ability to cover, hold down and defend objectives. An Objective Juggernaut, if you will. (Remington is a perfect weapon for this role)


      Message your Gamertag and K/D if interested.