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    Booze not respawning on Buried

      Hi Guys,


      Went away for quite some time on Zombies after not really appreciating the direction they took with Tranzit (loved it initially then it quickly turned) but have recently bitten the bullet and bought the other maps and working my way through them. I'm now on Buried and loving the level but have had some problems with the Giant. I get that you have to get booze every round to give him so that he will break down barriers but quite often I am finding that either the booze doesnt respawn even after waiting several rounds or sometimes (and usually when I have bought the booze from the tap in the saloon) it disappears out of my inventory without me offering it to him. I tried offering it to him despite losing the icon in the bottom corner just to make sure it wasnt a glitch with the icon. In these cases I have gone over 10 round extra without being able to give any booze to him. He has been able to take candy during this period but it doesnt affect the booze respawn. This is all in solo while I learn the level before starting easter egg hunting with my group. I should also note that I went around all the locations that booze is meant to spawn to look for it and it doesnt appear (Jail cell and saloon)


      I'm very sure that its something I am either doing or have not seen and would like to know if anyone has any advice as to what I am doing wrong? I hope I made this issue clear from my perspective at least.


      Cheers for any help in advance.

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          Re: Booze not respawning on Buried

          I have never had the booze glitch out so I'm going to guess that it's something you are doing in game.


          First question, are you playing solo or co-op?


          You can't carry booze and candy at the same time, nor can you carry booze/candy and the jail cell key at the same time.  So what happens a lot (especially in co-op) is someone has the booze, then goes to get the jail cell key, not realizing that when they pick up the key...... the booze drops.


          Booze and Candy are often lost around the map when a player picks up the jail cell key.  You can find it again if you re-trace your steps.


          Also, booze, candy and key are dropped on the ground when a player carrying it goes down.... so you might have to check those spots too.


          Good luck

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            Re: Booze not respawning on Buried

            I would suggest going with Gulf's solution and if it's still gone then buy it again.

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              Re: Booze not respawning on Buried

              Ah that could be whats happening, thanks for the response guys. I knew you couldnt have the candy and booze at the same time but I think that it could easily be the picking up of the jail key or the chalk outline. Hadn't noticed it dropping at those specific times but could be a strong possibility. With the map being so dark in places I probably missed it when I went around looking for it to see if I had indeed dropped it. I will try this again and see if thats whats happening.


              Much appreciated for the response guys. Now hopefully I can get in the haunted house now!!

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                Re: Booze not respawning on Buried

                Anytime you pick up candy, the booze you had stays on the ground, also chalk pieces replace them. The booze might be at the gun shop or where you picked up candy and thats why its not respawning.

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